10 Awesome Colors of Beach Sand

If you visit a number of beaches in the world, you’ll notice that the majority of them have white sand. However, there are areas in the world where sand color is much different. So, we decided to create a list of 10 Awesome Colors of Beach Sand.

Enjoying some time on the beach may be so fun that you miss plenty of the beauty behind it. Some of the beaches below have a special quality that adds to the majestic beauty. The continue to remind us that nature is spectacular and shares its beauty in many ways.

The best way to experience these beautiful beaches is to spend some time and travel. That may not be in the cards for everyone, which is why we’ve taken the time to find some of these awesome places. You can check out our list of 10 Awesome Colors of Beach Sand below.

10 Awesome Colors of Beach Sand

10. White

You can find white sandy beaches in the majority of places you visit. It is one of the most widespread colors but still beautiful to see over a vast landscape.

Beach Sand

9. Orange

Orange sand is on more of the unique side. If you travel to India and find yourself in Kerala, you have a very good chance of running into some orange sand.

Beach Sand

Photocred: Salvatore Barbera

8. Yellow

Yellow sand is another one of the most widespread colors of sand that can be found in plenty of beaches around the world. Some like to use gold instead of yellow when describing the color.

Beach Sand

7. Red

Red sand can be found in a few different areas around the world but most notably Greece and Hawaii. It has a bit of clayish appearance but still quite marvelous to look at.

Beach Sand

Photocred: Chris Johnson

6. Pink

Pink sand is among the rarer types that can be found in the world. It’s a bubbly pop and pretty light, making it very appealing to the eye.

Beach Sand

5. Rainbow

For the rainbow sand, you’ll have to travel to Australia. Fraser Island is home to a rainbow sand beach that is mind blowing.

4. Green

You can find some green sandy  areas in Hawaii and thank lava flows and deposits for this cool color.

Beach Sand

Photocred: Phil Hollman

3. Black

Black sand is also brought to us thanks to the awesome dark minerals found in volcanic deposits.

Beach Sand

2. Purple

Pfeiffer Beach in California is home to this iconic and strange color of sand.

Beach Sand

Photocred: Jason Swearingen

1. Chocolate/Brown

The chocolatey brown sand at Rockaway Beach in California is pretty smoothy and intoxicating. Despite being a cooler color this beach is really beautiful.

Beach Sand

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