10 Best Restaurants In Buenos Aires, Argentina

Best Restaurants In Buenos Aires

When it comes to food, Argentina is one of the most underrated places in the world. So, we decided to highlight the 10 Best Restaurants In Buenos Aires, Argentina so the next time you’re thinking of taking a trip, you aren’t lost in the dark.

Argentina is home to one of the top soccer teams and a future legend in the sport Lionel Messi. However, their success in many other areas sometimes overshadow some of the amazing food that can be found in the country. With Buenos Aires being the capital you can expect most of the brilliant cuisine to be encapsulated within it.

Any one of these restaurants is bound to make your tummy happy. Check out our 10 Best Restaurants In Buenos Aires, Argentina below.

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10 Best Restaurants In Buenos Aires, Argentina

10. I Latina

I Latina happens to be one of the 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America according to their homepage. According to their main page, Colombian brothers Santiago and Camilo Macías Laura are responsible for the creation of the restaurant. At this restaurant you can enjoy a seven step meal, rather than a three course meal.

Best Restaurants In Buenos Aires

9. Una Cancion Coreana

Buenos Aires’ Koreatown is home to Una Canción Coreana, a gastronomic restaurant that knows how to wow their customers. At the restaurant you can find traditional Asian dishes with a concentration in, of course, Korean cuisine. So, if Spanish food isn’t your thing, there are options.

Best Restaurants In Buenos Aires

8.  El Cuartito, Recoleta

When it comes to pizza in Buenos Aires, look no further than El Cuartito, Recoleta. Their mouthwatering pies look incredible and they are listed as one of the top pizza places in Argentina.

Best Restaurants In Buenos Aires

7.  Lo de Fer y Javi

If you want to enjoy a meal as if you were home the Lo de Fer y Javi is the service you need. The closed door restaurant features high end cuisine in a homely setting.

Best Restaurants In Buenos Aires


Don Julio Parrilla is one of the highest rated restaurants in Buenos Aires with a series of excellent reviews that practically tells you everything you need to know about the dining experience. If you happen to be in the area, stopping here should be high on the list.

Best Restaurants In Buenos Aires

5. La Cocina

Easily translated to the kitchen, La Cocina is responsible for some pretty delicious food. This is yet another extremely highly rated restaurant in countless searches.

Best Restaurants In Buenos Aires

Photocred: FoodieHub

4. Il Ballo Del Mattone

If you’re in Buenos Aires and you happen to be looking for some Italian food to break all of the fine Argentinian cuisine, Il Ballo Del Mattone is the place to visit. This will meet all of your expectations and then some.

Best Restaurants In Buenos Aires

3. Freddo

There is nothing like enjoying a sweet treat. When you have had your fill of amazing dinners, lunches and breakfasts, you can try one of the Freddo franchises for some high quality ice cream.

Best Restaurants In Buenos Aires

2. La Pecora Nera

Daniel Hansen is the master chef responsible for the awesome cuisine served at La Pecora Nera. The menu features a little bit of everything from pasta dishes to fine seafood dishes.

Best Restaurants In Buenos Aires

Photocred: La Pecora Nera


For another pizza fix when you’re in Argentina. You might want to check out Pizzería Güerrin for some awesome pies. You clearly don’t have to settle in Buenos Aires, there is a culinary adventure around every corner.

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