10 Absolutely Majestic Canidae Family Members

The canidae family tree can often be misconstrued. People get confused with members found on the chart. We decided to share our list of 10 Majestic Canidae Family Members.

The canidae family is pretty darn extensive and it has thankfully been clarified for many. Sometimes there a few technicalities. We’ve checked all of the animals on the list below to make sure they are in someway related to the canidae family.

A canine is defined as a “conical pointed tooth; especially : one situated between the lateral incisor and the first premolar,” according to Merriam Webster. A canidae is defined as “a family of carnivorous mammals that includes dogs, wolves, jackals, and foxes.”

The definition is order so here is our list of 10 Majestic Canidae Family Members.

10 Absolutely Majestic Canidae Family Members

10. Bat-eared Fox

The bat-eared fox is awesome to look at and we definitely know where it gets its name.

Canidae Family

Photocred: Charles Miller

9. Jackal

The jackal looks like a cross between a fox and a coyote. It is a scavenger and will take a bite out of whatever it can find.

Canidae Family

8. Siberian Husky

Siberian huskies are beloved dogs. They can be found in plenty of homes and are very fun pets to have around you.

Canidae Family

7. Coyote

The coyote is one of the canidae members you want to stay away from in the wild. These guys are scavengers and come in a variety of sizes.

Canidae Family

6. African Wild Dog

The African wild has a very distinct appearance but is still quite majestic. It’s a hunting dog and they run in packs. They are also an endangered species.

Canidae Family

5. Dingo

Dingos should not be confused with domestic dogs. They are wild animals and can be found in Australia.

Canidae Family

4. Raccoon Dog

Contrary to its name, the raccoon dog is not related to the raccoon. It is a member of the canidae family and has been linked closer to the hyena.

Canidae Family

3. Arctic Fox

The arctic fox is an absolutely majestic animal. From its incredible coat to pointed features, this animal is awesome.

Canidae Family

2. Fennec Fox

Fennec foxes have those distinctively large ears. They are quite adorable and tend to be pretty playful. They are still wild animals so we wouldn’t recommend approaching them.

Canidae Family

Photocred: yvonne n

1. Arctic Wolf

The arctic wolf is a strong and fierce animal. It’s coat and appearance brings it out of that fierce category but it is not to be messed with.

Canidae Family

Photocred: Joshua Barnett

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