10 Coolest Snakes In The World

Coolest Snakes

1. The longest: Reticulated Python 

The Reticulated Python is the world’s longest snake and longest reptile. Found in Southeast Asia, the adults can grow to 6.95 meters (22.8 ft) in length. Although powerful enough to kill an humans, attacks are only occasionally reported

Coolest Snakes

The longest snake: Reticulated Python


2. The heaviest:  Green Anaconda 

The heaviest snake in the world can weigh from 30 to 70 kg (66 to 150 lb) in an average adult. The green anaconda is also one of the world’s longest snakes

Coolest Snakes

The heaviest snake: Green Anaconda (source: LA Dawson)


3. The fastest: Black Mamba 

The Black Mamba is the fastest land snake in the world, able to reach 12 miles per hour (20 kph) and more! The Black Mamba is endemic to sub-Saharan Africa. It’s speed combined with unpredictable aggression and its highly dangerous venom, makes the Black Mamba the most feared snake in Africa, although the West African carpet viper is responsible for way more human fatalities

Coolest Snakes

The fastest snake: Black Mamba


4. The most venomous: Inland Taipan

The Inland taipan, or western taipan is the most venomous snake in the world. It can inject 110 mg of the most toxic venom in the world in a single bite! That is enough to kill 1,085,000 mice or 183 humans! The inland taipan is endemic to central east Australia, so all you Aussies out there going camping should really watch where you put your tents!

Coolest Snakes

The most venomous snake: Inland Taipan (source: XLerate)


5. The loudest: Rattlesnake 

While most snakes settle in making hissing noises, the 32 known species of rattlesnakes take it a step further with a loud intimidating rattle noise they produce from the end of their tail. All types of rattlesnakes are native to the Americas and rattlesnakes are the leading cause of snakebites in North America

Coolest Snakes

The loudest snake: Rattlesnake (source: Tigerhawkvok)


6. The most amazing defensive posture: The Cobra

There are over 20 species of cobras. The cobras may no be the largest, fastest or the most venomous snakes, but the cobra’s ability to “stand up” and look you right in the eyes is perhaps the most amazing and frightening behavior in the snake world. When a cobra feels threatened it rears up the front of its body, usually one third of it. Since the length of a grown cobra is 18.5 to 18.8 ft (5.6 to 5.7 m) – this means that when provoked a cobra can stand at tall as 6.2 ft (1.9 m)! Besides standing, the cobra also extends its neck, shows its fangs and omits a growing hiss. That’s an encounter you’ll remember for life, if you even survive it!

Coolest Snakes

An Indian cobra in a defensive posture (source: Pavan Kumar N)


7. The most colorful: Texas Coral Snake 

This one is debatable as there are so many colorful snakes, but the Texas coral snake has a good claim for the title: It has black and red rings separated by narrow yellow rings. The Texas coral snake can reach 40 inch (100 cm) in length, but usually they’re around 24 inch (61 cm). They are native to parts of North America

Coolest Snakes

The most colorful snake: Texas Coral Snake (source: Dawson)


8. The best camouflage: Gaboon Viper 

This category is also debatable, but if you wish to debate the Gaboon viper, you have to find it first. The Gaboon viper is an ambush predator with excellent camouflage. It’s practically invisible between the fallen leaves of the rainforest, and when it does attack it can inject a venom dose of 2400 mg – the largest snake venom dose in the world

Coolest Snakes

A camouflaged Gaboon Viper


9. In the sea: Sea Snakes 

Sea snakes or coral reef snakes are a subfamily of venomous snakes that include 62 species. All species of sea snakes have paddle-like tails and an appearance that resemble eels. Sea snakes do not have gills and must surface regularly to breathe. The Dubois’ seasnake is the most venomous sea snake and one of the top three most venomous snakes in the world

Coolest Snakes

Belcher sea snake


10. In the air: Flying Snakes

Flying snakes or Chrysopelea are a mildly venomous genus of snakes. They are native to Southeast Asia as well as southernmost China, Sri Lanka and India. They are known as flying snakes because of their gliding ability: A flying snake will climb to the top of trees and then jump and glide down by sucking in its abdomen and flaring out its ribs, turning its body into an aerodynamic shape able to glide



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