10 Largest Malls in the World

Largest Malls in the world - SM City North Edsa

Our overview of the largest shopping centers in the world depends on Gross Leasable Area (GLA). It is the total number of square feet of the property generating income like retail, beguilement, and eating. 

Below are the 10 largest malls all over the world.

10. Largest Malls in the world – Isfahan City Center in Iran

Isfahan City Center is included in the list of largest malls worldwide. It’s an amusement and huge business located in Isfahan, Iran. In Iran, it’s the largest and also the largest mall that contains an exhibition hall worldwide. The center worked in four stages. It covers 465, 500 sq. m. in which a five-star inn is included. Also, a shopping center that has 750 retail stores, a gallery, eateries, aircraft workplace, hypermarket, an amusement indoor, with crash mobiles and exciting ride, reasonable complex, seven film screens, WTC (World Exchange Focus), and IFC (Worldwide Monetary Focus). Prestige Land Iran Co. created the Isfahan City Center and planner Medardo Cadiz of Cadiz International Inc planned it.

9. Largest Malls in the world – SM Seaside City Cebu in Philippines

Largest Malls in the world - SM Seaside City Cebu

Image Credit: Kateryna.Sokolova / Shutterstock.com

After 22 years that SM Cebu was built (1993), Cebu’s Prime Holdings created and claimed the SM Seaside City Cebu or locally called the Seaside or SM Seaside on November 27, 2015. It became the highlight of SM Seaside Complex, which measures a blend of 30 hectar at the Properties of South Road. It’s the third biggest shopping mall within the Philippines and eight in the world.

The GLA (Gross Leasable Area) of SM Seaside City Cebu is 470, 486 sq. m. It’s the third shopping center created by SM Prime Holdings and it is the 55th center for shopping within the Philippines. Arquitectonica, the same organization constructed the SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, and SM City North EDSA, structured the shopping center. It’s included in the biggest malls worldwide.

8. Largest Malls in the world – SM Mega Mall in Philippines

Largest Malls in the world - SM Mega Mall

Image credit: ARTYOORAN / Shutterstock.com

The second biggest mall throughout the Philippines, also the seventh largest on earth is the SM Megamall with a gross leasable area of 474, 000 sq. m. It measures about 25 land sections (10 hectares), and 5, 100, 000 square feet.

SM Megamall can occupy 4, 000, 000 individuals maximum and has two primary structures. The Toy Kingdom, Food Court, some stay occupants, and SM Cinemas are the highlights of Building A, while SM Department (known as the SM Store, presently), Mega Trade Hall, some occupants, and the Cyberzone are the highlights of Building B. In January 2014, the mall was extended with another hall called Mega Fashion Hall.

7. Largest Malls in the world – SM City North Edsa in Philippines

Largest Malls in the world - SM City North Edsa

Image Credit: r.nagy / Shutterstock.com

SM City North Edsa’s Gross Leasable Area is 498, 000 sq. m. In Metro Manila (Quezon City), a vast shopping center was built and called SM City North Edsa. It’s the largest shopping center, probably sixth biggest worldwide and the main SM Supermall in the Philippines. SM Prime Holdings is the one working for the shopping center. When it opened in November 8, 1985 ( a testing period in the political history of the Philippines only a few months from the EDSA Revolution), it utilized 120, 000 gross floors.

In July 2006, the redevelopment started when The Block opened. Other improvements include the opening of Annex building in December 2008 and Sky Garden in May 2009. And in 2009, the Car Park Plaza has also improved. The improvement and the redesigning of City Center have made the SM City North EDSA its advancement. SM North is included in the largest beautiful shopping malls worldwide.

6. Largest Malls in the world – Utama in Malaysia

Largest Malls in the world - Utama

Image Credit: Sinseeho / Shutterstock.com

Utama has a gross leasable area of 519, 515 sq. m. In 1995, Utama Shopping Center located in Malaysia was opened. The territory gross has been developed to 5, 592, 015 sq ft. It’s the sixth biggest worldwide and biggest mall in Malaysia. In the Southeast Asia, the mall has 30, 000 sq. ft. Secret Garden, largest housetop garden, a bowling alley that has 36-path, a crossfire (focus arcade), karaoke neway focus, a playland that has spaceship theme and two film houses (TGV and Golden Screen Cinemas.)

Flow Rider (the outside surf that focuses on the ace shop), Air Rider (skydiving indoor office), Camp 5 (biggest climbing shake indoor rec center in Asia), Hit Rooftop Baseball (first robotized softball and baseball in South East Asia), Sealantis (star jumping scuna focus – PADI 5), and Padang (futusal rooftop that has 5Xtreme courts) are the six recreational movement brandishing focuses.

5. Largest Malls in the world – Iconsiam in Bangkok

Largest Malls in the world - Iconsiam

Image credit: i viewfinder / Shutterstock.com

Iconsiam is a mixed-use development located on Chai Phraya River Bank in Bangkok. It has gross leasable are of 525, 000 sq. m. It includes a wide-range of shopping centers that opened to the public in November 10, 2018 including living arrangements and inns.

It was a joint project by MQDC Magnolia Quality Development, Charoen Pokphand Group, and Siam Piwat. It will incorporate the two tallest buildings in Bangkok: the 70-story Magnolias Waterfront Residences and 52-story Mandarin Oriental Residences.

4. Largest Malls in the world – Golden Resources Shopping Mall in China

The Golden Resources Shopping Mall has 557, 419 sq. m. gross leasable area. It is among the largest shopping malls by gross leasable zone worldwide and located in the northwest Fourth Ring Road. It was considered the second largest mall in 2005 when the South China Shopping Mall located in Dongguan, China was completed. It can be accessed through Beijing Subway, Changchunqiao Station Line 10. It has gained the name “Extraordinary Mall of China” in English because of its extent, which reaches 560, 000 sq. m.

In October 20, 2004, this mall was finished after 1 year and 8 months of construction and had been opened after four days. It was evaluated by the designer that 50, 000 people per day would visit the mall but only 20 customers every hour visited this place after its opening. At that moment, the prices of the products inside the mall are beyond the means of most traditional Chinese.

3. Largest Malls in the world – SM Tianjin in China

SM Tianjin has 565, 000 sq. m. GLA. SM Supermalls under SM Prime Holdings are chains of shopping centers located within the Philippines, and since November 2018, it already has 72 shopping centers located all over the country with about two dozen more planned to open.

Additionally, in China, it has seven more shopping malls, which include the SM Tianjin, the second largest in the world when it comes to gross leasable area. In Southeast Asia, the SM Supermalls emerge as the greatest administrators of shopping centers. With its organization having 9.24 million square meters of GFA or gross floor territory. In China, it has 1, 867 occupants and in the Philippines, it has 17, 230 inhabitants. It is among the world’s largest malls.

2. Largest Malls in the world – Dubai Mall in Dubai

Largest Malls in the world - Dubai Mall

Dubai mall is 650, 000 sq. m. It is the second largest by land territory. It is also the 21st largest shopping center in the world according to gross leasable area. Located in Dubai, UAE, this mall costs $20 billion and it has 1, 200 retail shops. Dubai mall was visited most in 2011, drawing over 54 million people every year. 

Although it was postponed twice, it was finally opened on November 4, 2008, with over 1000 retailers, it was marked as the second largest shopping center in the world in the history of retail following the West Edmonton Shopping Mall. The Underwater Zoo and Dubai Aquarium were constructed by Peddle Thorp, also supervised by Emaar Entertainment. Dubai Mall has the aquarium that contains more than 300 kinds of marine species which includes beams and sharks.

1. Largest Malls in the world – South China Mall in China

The South China Mall, with 659, 612 sq. m. GLA, is located in Dongguan, China. It is the biggest shopping center in the world when it comes to GLA in which it is second to Dubai Mall, which has a wide non-shopping space that has an amusement park, a zoo, and lodging complex. It was in 2005 that this mall opened and for the past 10 years, most parts are empty and was named “dead shopping center.

In January of 2018, as pointed out by an article, most of its retail spaces were filled and this mall was highlighted with an amusement park and IMAX-style film. This shopping center was previously occupied by farmlands in the Wanjiang District of Dongguan, located in the southern seaside of China. The developer of this mall and later became a tycoon in the industry of instant noodles was Hu Guirong. The South China Mall surpassed the Golden Resources Mall as the largest shopping center in the world. The total development expenses was estimated at approximately $1.3 billion.

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