10 Mind Blowing Interchanges From Around The World


Interchanges are great! Why? Because unlike standard intersections, they allow free flow of intersecting roads rather than having to stop at traffic lights or roundabouts. But sometimes interchanges can be extremely complicated with many junctions and even several levels (those are called stack interchanges). Such a complicated interchange is sometimes nicknamed “Spaghetti Junction“. Take a look at these photos of mind-blowing interchanges and it will become very clear why


1. Puxi Viaduct, Shanghai, China 

Perhaps the only stack interchange in the world with six levels, this huge interchange of Nanbei Road and Yan’an Road is located in Puxi – historic center of Shanghai


Mind Blowing Interchanges: Puxi Viaduct, Shangahi

2. Gravelly Hill Interchange, England 

Gravelly Hill Interchange is THE Spaghetti Junction. The nickname which now refers to every complicated junction, originated in an article 1965 regarding the plans to build this junction, which later opened in 1972. The interchange is located in Gravelly Hill area of Birmingham


Mind Blowing Interchanges: Gravelly Hill Interchange, England


3. Tom Moreland Interchange, Atlanta, Georgia

The Tom Moreland Interchange is also nicknamed “Spaghetti Junction” by the locals. This junction is a stack interchange at the intersection of Interstate 85 and Interstate 285, northeast of Atlanta, Georgia. The interchange opened in 1987


Mind Blowing Interchanges: Tom Moreland Interchange, Atlanta


4. Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange, Los Angeles, California 

The intersection of Interchange 105 and Interchange 110


Mind Blowing Interchanges: Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange, Los Angeles


5. Kennedy Interchange, Louisville, Kentucky 

Located at the intersection of Interstates 64, 65 and 71, in Louisville, Kentucky. Opened in 1964, the interchange is named after the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge located just to its north


Mind Blowing Interchanges: Kennedy Interchange, Louisville, Kentucky


6. Interchange of I-695 and I-95, Baltimore County ,Maryland


Mind Blowing Interchanges: I-695 and I-95, Baltimore County ,Maryland


7. Higashiosaka Loop, Osaka, Japan


Mind Blowing Interchanges: Higashiosaka Loop, Osaka (source: Google Maps)


8. Xinzhuang interchange, Shanghai, China 

At the intersection of freeways A4, A8, and A20, this is truly a massive interchange! The second interchange from Shanghai on this list


Mind Blowing Interchanges: Xinzhuang interchange, Shanghai (source: Google Maps)


9. A4 and E70, Milano, Italy


Mind Blowing Interchanges: A4 and E70, Milano, Italy (source: Google Maps)


10. South Bay Interchange, Boston, Massachusetts 

Built at the late 1990s as part of the Big Dig project


Mind Blowing Interchanges: South Bay Interchange, Boston (source: Garrett A. Wollman, gallery.bostonradio.org)

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