10 Most Amazing Halloween Towns In America

Halloween Towns In America

Halloween is one of the biggest traditions in America. It’s a time where kids can dress up and go door to door searching for the biggest candy haul. It’s also a time where adults with minimal responsibilities or a babysitter, can go out and party like crazy. So, for those who like to party we decided to check out the 10 Most Amazing Halloween Towns In America.

What are your plans for Halloween? Well for many getting dressed up then getting wasted is on the top of the list. The spookiness seems to incite large gatherings in some of the most populated areas across the U.S.

It’s become a pretty incredible tradition with parties always looking to take it the next step every year. More than anything, these parties are just downright fun and a good way for someone of any age to let loose and have a good time. So, check out our list of the 10 Most Amazing Halloween Towns In America below.

Note: Images are not of the actual towns.

10 Most Amazing Halloween Towns In America

10. Sleepy Hollow, NY

What better town to enjoy a party than Sleepy Hollow, NY, home to the famous Washington Irving story of the Headless Horseman that haunts the woods?

Halloween Towns In America

9. West Hollywood, CA

Partying in West Hollywood, CA gives you the chance to maybe run into a few celebrities as you enjoy festivities such as the Halloween Carnaval.

Halloween Towns In America

8. Orlando, FL

Orlando is pretty special as it’s home to the Disney World theme park as well as a number of other theme parks that are completely transformed for the holiday. Not to mention the Halloween attractions at Universal Studios.

Halloween Towns In America

7. Houston, TX

In Houston, you can participate in the Day of the Dead festival which has it’s roots in Mexico. This is where you celebrate the dead rather than mock the characters that were creatively made up by folk authors.

Halloween Towns In America

6. Plano, TX

The Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano, TX is enough to scare the crap out of you and show you a good time.

Halloween Towns In America

5. Anoka, Minnesota

The Main Street section of Anoka, Minnesota is one of the self-proclaimed “Halloween Capitals of the World.” Naturally you’ll want to visit a town/city that takes pride in an entire holiday.

Halloween Towns In America

4. Louisville, KY

The Louisville Zoo Party tradition is pretty awesome especially for adults who have kids and are dying for an awesome experience.

Halloween Towns In America

3. New York, NY

New York is full of Halloween festivals and parades such as The Village Halloween parade. You can see all types of ghoulish characters having all kinds of fun.

Halloween Towns In America

2. New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is honestly one of the greatest cities to spend Halloween in. It’s already got a deeply rooted history of haunts and voodoo.

Halloween Towns In America

1. Salem, MA

Salem, MA remains second-to-none when it comes to Halloween. It’s the home of the Salem Witch Trials that sparked a phenomenon that is still explored in schools across the Northeast. The town also embraces the past no matter how true or false the stories of witchcraft may be.

Halloween Towns In America

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