10 Most Awesome Breakfast Restaurants In America

Breakfast Restaurants In America

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To some, breakfast can be as simple as a bagel and cream cheese to an extravagant meal with pancakes, french toast, eggs, sausage and the list goes on. So, we decided to help out breakfast lovers with our 10 Most Awesome Breakfast Restaurants In America.

Our 10 Most Awesome Breakfast Restaurants In America list contains some chain restaurants and other well-known spots that have breakfast menus that are just too incredible to pass up. Having the popular menu items like pancakes is a must. However, when these regular items are given a full on transformation, it’s hard to deny the incredible layers of flavor.

Are you ready to dive into some of the most delicious breakfast menu items at one of these special spots? You can check out our 10 Most Awesome Breakfast Restaurants In America list below and let us know what your best breakfast experience was.

10 Most Awesome Breakfast Restaurants In America

10. Marie Callenders Chain

You may have heard of Marie Callender’s frozen dinners and you’d be correct if you guessed that it’s very much in cahoots with the chain restaurant on our list. Here you can enjoy plentiful classics with good ole fashioned preparation.

9. Mastoris Diner-Restaurant, NJ

Bordentown New Jersey is home to one of the best kept secrets on the breakfast circuit. If you like cheese and cinnamon as two big ingredients in your breakfast delights, this may be a place for you to check out.

8. Pine State Biscuits, OR

Portland, Oregon is a pretty underrated spot when it comes to food. That’s why it’s no surprise that Pine State Biscuits is one of the big breakfast spots on our list. The name tells you what they specialize in and there are an incredible amount of options for them.

7. Benton Park Cafe, MO

If you happen to be in St. Louis, you might want to venture over to the Benton Park Cafe. If you like breakfast items prepared in unconventional ways such as breakfast pizzas, this is the spot to be.

6. Rise, NC

You can get some of that down South flavor because anytime is a good time to enjoy fried chicken, whether it’s paired with waffles or on an amazing biscuit. That’s pretty much what you can expect and so much more at Rise in North Carolina.

5. Parker’s Maple Barn, NH

Who doesn’t enjoy maple syrup and all things maple? If you’re a maple fanatic, chances are you want to head up to New England for some of the best maple syrup products possible. While you’re at it, you can get your fix at Parker’s Maple Barn in New Hampshire.

4. The Laundry, MI

Hotcakes are another classic American staple and one you can find at The Laundry in Michigan. If you want something a little fancy, you could try their brie hotcakes and have your soul melt away.

3. Hash House A Go Go, LV/Chain

We know from first-hand that the sage fried chicken and waffles are to die for from Hash House A Go Go. The chicken is perfectly cooked and the fluffy waffles have bacon strips inside of them. It’s heavenly.

2. Pancake Pantry, TN

Ham lovers and pancake lovers can unite at this wonderful old school breakfast spot in Tennessee.

1. Magnolia Bistro, VT

The Magnolia Bistro is a fairly new restaurant with fresh ideas. In the eco-conscious world we live in, it’s easy to see why Magnolia Bistro is a hit with visitors.

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