10 Most Known Countries with the Strictest Laws

countries with the strictest laws - saudi arabia

Strict enforcement and discipline of the laws and policies of every land may be viewed as rude implementations by others but considered as a necessity by some.

The nations listed below are splendid when it comes to law implementation and strict governance. Some may be stuck to their traditions or religion. However, the countries listed are serious in their policies and it’s a must to consider before entering their territory.

1. Equatorial Guinea

countries with the strictest laws - Equatorial Guinea

People who lived in Equatorial Guinea are discouraged from learning reading and writing. Newsstands and bookstores are not allowed in the said country. Their tourism is low because foreigners are not allowed in the country. In 1973, Pres Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who was installed by a coup, controls the radio stations and TV. Foreigners who can enter the country are prohibited and strictly monitored from portraying poverty conditions and filming scenes.

2. Saudi Arabia

countries with the strictest laws - saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia is deeply rooted in laws that are connected with tradition and religion while being huddled and taking down their curtains worldwide. Their social laws for women are tough. When going out, women are not allowed to wear casual clothes, and they should only be with a relative if it’s a man. The outlets of their media are closely monitored, and the access to their internet is limited. Whenever senior editors broadcast or publish content that says negative about their administration, they can be fired.

3. Iran

countries with the strictest law - Equatorial Guinea

The government of Iran is based on Sharia Law. Propaganda and actions against the government is prohibited. Slight negative statements about the Iranian’s bad governance is enough for you to be in trouble. Social media log-in such as Google, Youtube, and Facebook will also get you in trouble.
Men can’t have another hairstyle unless prescribed by Islam. Women must follow a specific dress code, like using a headcover called hijab and avoiding pants like skinny jeans when strolling. Western music, like rap, jazz, and rock, are not allowed. Alcohol beverages for women and men are strictly prohibited.

4. North Korea

Nowadays, North Korea is the only one that’s still purely communist. They accept other countries other than the United States and South Korea. Tourists have their assigned minders (personal escorts). The minders will assist them from their arrival until departure to ensure they will not break any rules, like speaking against the government of North Korea.

Administration controls everything, from radio, print, and TV. Broadcasts and news content are censored. The only one who can access the internet is the ruling elite and their activities online are also strictly monitored.

Countries with the strictest laws - north korea

Image Credit: LMspencer / Shutterstock.com

North Koreans’ movements are limited. Loitering in the parks isn’t allowed and all their activities and movements must have a valid reason. Having a sexual relationship outside marriage is strictly prohibited. The “Dating Police” is the one assigned in this issue. North Korea is also strict in its fashion code. Women are prohibited from wearing pants and men should have their hair cut every fifteen days.
Those who violate are punishable by forced labor.

5. Eritrea

countries with the strictest laws - Eritrea

Image credit: Yohana Negusse / Shutterstock.com

In 1993, Pres. Isaias Afewerki ruled the Eritrea, which is located above Africa. The government and the President have total control on the news and its writers. It must be approved first by the President’s office prior to being broadcasted or published. Even religion is controlled. Performing public worship is not allowed. It’s a must to be a member first of a specific sect prior to practicing their own faith.

6. Syria

countries with the strictest laws - Syria

Image Credit: quetions123 / Shutterstock.com

The violence in the country of Syria continues to increase due to government and rebel forces’ clash. To suppress the actions of anti-government, the Syrian government resorted to the blackout of nationwide communications. Communications via the internet, mobile, and landline are limited. Correspondents of foreign news are banned from entering the nation and the news is strictly monitored. Any journalist of Syria who will act against the administration will be tortured and worse, receive death as a punishment.

7. Cuba

countries with the strictest laws - cuba

Cuba, home of Fidel Castro and Cuban cigars, is a top destination for a holiday worldwide. However, it’s still a communist nation, and speaking against their government will get you into trouble. The internet is strictly monitored, and writers who are posting anti-government opinions will be arrested and go to jail. Cubans, though, know how to party and can drink alcohol. However, playing Reggaeton is not allowed.

8. Japan

countries with the strictest law - japan

Believed by many, the feudal system had a great influence on how the Japanese Government (Modern) does the business. The hierarchy of authority relatively in all structures such as school, office, workplace, and household. The company of Japan has strict policies on work and it’s a must to all employees from the CEO downwards to perform well and excel. Talking about Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombing and World War 2 is not allowed.

9. Singapore

countries with the strictest laws - singapore

Unlike most of the countries above, the implementation of the government’s policies and rules on tourists and locals have notches higher than other countries even though the country is small. The wrong move will cost you a fine. Spitting and smoking can get you in trouble. Even wearing an inappropriate dress can send you to jail. Can you imagine how rigid the government of Singapore when it comes to serious crimes? The solid adherence to their rules makes the country to have a world-class economy with high living standards, compared to some advanced European countries.

10. China

countries with the strictest laws - china

China has an economy that blooms. China, as an open nation, projected a positive image among territorial rows with their neighborhood. Still, China is a communist country that everyone should understand. Thus, nobody should cross their government. The propaganda of any anti-government is traced immediately, and the one who is responsible will be silenced. Instilling western influences on their Chinese youth’s mind is a crime. Their media is strictly monitored, even internet access. Rebellion, reform, change, especially 1989 Tiananmen Protests are not allowed to discuss.

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