10 Most Popular Breeds of Family Dogs

Dubbed as “man’s best friend,” these loyal, loving and adorable creatures can be of great benefit to your family. A favorite pet for many, dogs can teach the kids on how to safeguard one’s belongings, apart from providing the home the security it needs for being truly responsible. Most important, they can also teach us how to love without conditions. However, when you think of buying a pet dog, make sure that you get the breed that is tailor-fit for your family.

Here are the ten most popular breeds of family dogs that you can choose from:


10. Beagle

Most Popular Breeds of Family Dogs
Do you have younger children? Then, this breed is the right one for you. Smaller in size compared to other breeds, Beagle will not be too huge for your children to play with. Beagle is even-tempered, determined and very smart. Besides, its gentle, loving nature makes them truly an ideal family pet. With its short legs and extraordinary long ears, they are simply adorable.

Beagles are, in fact, hounds. They are known to be excellent for smelling scents. That is the reason why Beagles make a great choice as working dogs for places like airports. Beagles are extroverts. They love company so you better give them one.


9. Bulldog

Most Popular Breeds of Family Dogs
A muscular, sturdy dog with a peculiar look, Bulldog may not easily be the most popular breed as a pet. But don’t be deceived by its looks because Bulldogs are cuddly and loving.

Bulldog is considered a national icon in the United Kingdom where it originated. That is why they are commonly called English Bulldog or British Bulldog. To them, Bulldog symbolizes pluck and determination,
Their being highly sociable, submissive and friendly make Bulldog an ideal family pet.


8. Border Collie

Most Popular Breeds of Family Dogs

If your family is into sports, you may choose this breed that is extremely athletic, acrobatic and intelligent. It would be exciting to have a pet that shares your passion. Don’t you think so?

Known as ‘Sheepdogs’, it was usually used for rounding up sheep in fields because it is very smart and obedient. Its intelligence is also the reason why they are bred. These inherent superb qualities of Border Collie make it a prudent choice for your family. Kids would love its enthusiasm and extreme loyalty, spawned from its obedient nature. But don’t forget to tag him in your next jogging session as they need to flex their muscles.


7. Border Terrier

Most Popular Breeds of Family Dogs

Border Terrier breeds are the great pet for a family because they are less snappy and grumpy. UK’s native of Scottish Borders, Border Terrier have the short-haired rough coat. Full of antics and lively, this breed can be a great source of entertainment for your family, apart from providing loyal service.

They may get along so well with children and people, but Border Terrier tends to be introvert. They do not like the concept of sharing their house with some animals. If you have a dog or other animal pet, Border Terrier might not be suitable for you. Otherwise, they are a joy to behold in your home.


6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Most Popular Breeds of Family Dogs

Like all Spaniels, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has many exceptional qualities to be a pet of your choice. With relentless loyalty, they will guard your family against intruders and protect you from imminent danger. The playful personality, plus the kind nature they possess, you and your kids could easily fall in love with.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are unique in appearance because of their floppy, long ears. These flamboyant ears resemble the hairstyle of the English King, where their name is derived from.
A great pick if you want to have a royal member of your family.


5. Pug

Most Popular Breeds of Family Dogs

This breed has been popular recently and it is seen in many homes now. Its unique features are so distinct and oddly adorable. It is one of those breeds that are highly intelligent. This dog is perfect for kids who love to train dogs new tricks.

Like the other breeds, this good-natured dog has the ideal personality for a family dog. The fairly smaller size makes it ideal for small children.


4. Cocker Spaniel

Most Popular Breeds of Family Dogs

If you could not find your way home and Google’s Siri is not in service, you can rely on this very popular working dog known for its finding and tracking abilities. This and its fun personality and outgoing nature, it can be a truly smart choice as a family pet.

Cocker Spaniel likes to play and enjoys walking, as the breed has high energy levels. Children would love to play with such a gorgeous pet.


3. CockerPoo

Most Popular Breeds of Family Dogs

The fluffy coat and its cute size make CockerPoo a best-seller among dog lovers, especially, children. This breed is a mix of a Poodle and Cocker Spaniel. CockerPoo is good-natured, a trait that a family pet must possess. Likewise, they are known to live longer which could last an average of 15 years. Being a cross-breed, its characteristics is also a combination of the two beautiful genes. CockerPoo is fun to be with and outgoing due to the Spaniel in them and easy to watch over like the Poodle.


2. Golden Retriever

Most Popular Breeds of Family Dogs

Golden Retriever is very loving, extremely adorable and loyal. Qualities of a dog the family will surely love. They possess a large, compassionate pair of eyes that melt your heart away.

Golden Retriever is also a working dog. They are used in search & rescue operations. Very intelligent and gentle in nature, they can work with men excellently, especially in difficult situations. Like Border Collie, they want a lot of exercises. They make a great companion, particularly for children.


1. Labrador

Most Popular Breeds of Family Dogs

On top of the list is the Labrador. This breed is loyal, loving and remarkably good-natured. These fine qualities, along with its tolerance to noise, make them a great and ideal pet for children.
Another admirable quality of the Labrador is its ability to help with household chores. They are hoovers by nature, picking up the food dropped by the children on the floor. Originally bred as a gun-dog, Labrador can be trained easily and had evolved into a perfect pet that it is today.

What is truly wonderful about these popular dog breeds is that they can be trusted with your family with no need to worry about any mishap. Impeccably docile, gentle and lovable, they will gladly go along with anyone whose heart is ready to love them and take care of them.

Now, pick your choice!

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  • Great! Thanks for sharing. I have a collie and he’s been my companion for about a year now. It’s true. You have to choose a breed that suits your family and location. I got mine because I want a smart and loyal pet. The herding type fits well and got to enjoy his playtime on my lawn. Well, it works for me. There are a lot of choices out there like this one too. You can’t go wrong with any of the list here. Just remember that dogs are great companions and should be treated and cared as a family. Well, thanks again.

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