10 Most Popular Social Media Apps and Sites Nowadays

With the world’s fast-evolving technology, no wonder more and more new sites or apps are coming out everyday to cater the needs of most individuals. Almost all of us are using social media apps and sites to connect with the world. Either for communication purposes, awareness of the latest events or news, or just to be on trend with the fellow peers.

So what are these social media apps and sites that everyone is going crazy about? We’ve listed below the 10 most popular social media apps and sites that are widely used nowadays.

1. Facebook

Ask anyone about their favorite social media app, and you’ll probably hear “Facebook”. This well-known social media platform has 2 billion active users every month and more than a billion Facebook users log on to this site every day

Most Popular Social Media Apps: Facebook

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2. Instagram

Instagram became one of the most highly used social media app for sharing photos. Sharing real-time images and videos were made possible with this popular mobile application. It is also a top-choice advertising platform for most companies and brands, and many generate sales and income through this site. In 2012, Instagram was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion.

Most Popular Social Media Apps - Instagram

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3. Twitter

Known to many as a public microblogging site, Twitter has 280 characters limit for the tweets. People love the short, limited messages and the unfiltered posts that appear on their feeds.

Twitter has developed over the years, almost adopting some similar functions as that of Facebook. So expect more changes in the coming years!

Most Popular Social Media Apps - Twitter

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4. Youtube

Youtube is a popular search engine, second to google. It is the most used by many to watch any kinds of videos; plus, you can also upload your own. Movies, music videos, independent films, personal vlogs, cartoons, name it! If you prefer not to watch the advertisements within videos, you have to subscribe to a premium account called YouTube Red. There’s YouTubeTV too for a live streaming subscription.

Most Popular Social Media Apps - Youtube

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5. Linkedin

If you’re a professional who loves to connect with other people in the same field, then Linkedin is the best for you. If you plan to advance your career using a social media platform, this site can certainly help you out! Profiles are designed to be a digital resume where you can see detailed info about educational background, work experience, awards, certifications and also recommendations from your other connections. 

Linkedin users can interact with other groups, post job ads, apply to available jobs, publish articles or even promote your business.

Most Popular Social Media Apps - Linkedin

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6. Pinterest

Pinterest’s attractive pinboard-style social media platform attracts 10 million users monthly. A very useful site for curating topics and amazing photos from all over the world. Images can be easily pinned to any of your customized boards. Social network photo-sharing with link to your site or even adding hashtags are possible with this app.


Most Popular Social Media Apps - Pinterest

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7. WhatsApp

With WhatsApp, anyone can send messages, photos, videos, or even voice messages to friends, provided you have a data plan or internet connection. Unlike other social media platforms or apps, WhatsApp uses your personal mobile number and not usernames to log in. Profile, notification sounds and backgrounds can be customized in this app. 

Most Popular Social Media Apps - Whatsapp

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8. Tumblr

Tumblr is one o the leading social blogging platform that’s very popular to young ones. Anyone can customize their blog’s theme, write blog posts in different styles, share content, and follow other people who also use this platform. If you create amazing and catchy content, there’s a high chance for your blog to be shared by others.

Most Popular Social Media Apps - Tumblr

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9. Snapchat

Snapchat, a mobile-based social networking app, is one of the fastest-growing platforms out there. Users can send any images or photos as a snap (a message) to connections, and these photos will immediately disappear in a few seconds after they’ve watched it. 

Most Popular Social Media Apps - Snapchat

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10. Flickr

Before Pinterest and Instagram, Yahoo’s Flickr already existed and also one of the popular photo-sharing platforms. This platform is still used by many nowadays to upload beautiful photos and show to the world your inner photography skills. Users can amazingly upload 1000 GB for free, organize and edit them anytime.

Most Popular Social Media Apps - Flickr

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