10 Most Relaxing Destinations to Visit

Most Relaxing Destinations: Maldives

How you define the words “relaxing holiday”? For some people, they define it as enjoying the heat of the sun, spending time with families and friends, lying back and forgetting the stressful life and work. For others, exploring and seeing new places and cultures, while others preferred to spend the holiday at home.

If ever you decide to have a family vacation, city escape or a romantic holiday, we will help you choose the best place to spend your vacation and unwind yourself. Here are the world’s top 10 most relaxing destinations to visit.

1. Maldives

Most Relaxing Destinations: Maldives

For many, spending the holiday at the Maldives is most preferred. The Maldives has many to offer, some of the hotels occupy their own island, it has 26 natural atolls. The Maldives has clear water with perfect white sands that you can spend the whole day living like in a paradise. These describe the Maldives as a perfect place to unwind and spend your vacation with your loved ones.

The resort’s spa is the best place in the Maldives to stay especially if someone special is with you for it has peace, rejuvenating and relaxing atmosphere. If seeking of a little adventure, you may try the Indian Ocean paradise which offers diving, snorkeling, fishing and watersports. It also has fresh seafood to offer.

2. Bali

Most Relaxing Destinations: Bali

If you want to hear and feel the beaches, taste delicious foods and explore great culture, take your bags and spend your vacation at Bali. Visit the incredible place of Nusa Dua and Ubud inland – the artistic capital of Indonesian archipelago. With these two places, you can enjoy sunbathing on the beautiful beaches. You may also find some local markets exchanging and selling their handmade handicrafts and artworks.

3. Thailand

Most Relaxing Destinations: Thailand

Thailand is the place that can give you peace of mind, from Bangkok to the Ko Samui, Island of Phuket, and Koh Phi Phi. The wonderful beaches, delicious foods, amazing Buddhist temples, world-class spas, and brilliant shopping are the best that Thailand can offer. Spending your vacation in Thailand is perfect not only because of the amazing places but it also worth every penny.

4. Antigua

Most Relaxing Destinations: Antigua

This place is known as one of the lovely islands in the Caribbean. It is also a perfect place for relaxation. Antigua trickle a relaxed vibe for everyone especially for couples who want to spend their holidays in this place. If you want to explore more from the Antigua, we recommend you to visit St John’s wherein you can find the colonial structure and scenic harbor and many sights to see.

5. Marbella

Most Relaxing Destinations: Marbella

This recommended place has its wild side, but it is also good if you want a little downtime. Embracing the southerly shore of Spain, Marbella has beautiful harbors, verdurous greenery and sandy beaches- complete ingredients to any relaxing escape. Marbella has lots of tapas bars viewing the sea, it is not hard for you to look for fabulous food with a distinctly Mediterranean taste.

6. Dubai

Most Relaxing Destinations: Dubai

With its towering skyscrapers, shopping malls on top and magnificent beaches, Dubai have everything that will satisfy your need to relax. If you are planning to take a romantic holiday, don’t hesitate to take your partner to one of Dubai’s luxury hotel because relaxation is guaranteed if you want to stay there. Most recommended is the Atlantis the Palm because they are offering a great level of service that other’s can’t beat.

They also offer some outdoor activities such as waterparks, skiing and desert safaris which will give you the best experience.

7. Algarve

Most Relaxing Destinations: Algarve

If you desire to have a relaxation that surrounded by the sea, sun, and sea with your families, Algarve is recommended for you. You can spend your afternoon sunbathing or doing water activities on one of their beach coves. Algarve offers adventurous activities, it has many watersports and other adventurous activity to enjoy with family and friends.

8. Amsterdam

Most Relaxing Destinations: Amsterdam

Amsterdam has the coolest city to spend time and relax. Take your time in exploring the city like visiting the museum and keep yourself relaxed in the canal boat cruise. We are also recommending to explore the Jordaan area by riding in a bicycle where you can feel the comfortable pace along quiet canals and a glimpse of the wonderful city before night. At night, Amsterdam city is getting crowded for many bars open along the street.

9. Tenerife

Most Relaxing Destinations: Tenerife

Tenerife is considered as the most famous island in the Canaries. For some people, they don’t know that Tenerife has plenty of beaches to relax and unwind yourself, plus a good atmosphere, it feels like home at Tenerife. Tenerife has many to offer, if you’re planning to have a family vacation, well, this place is good for you and for your families. Mom and dad can relax while leaving their children to play because their kids will have some whole day activities to keep them entertained. You may also try exploring the Tenerife’s active volcano- Mount Teide.

10. Budapest

Most Relaxing Destinations: Budapest

Do you want to have more fun and relaxation? If yes, don’t forget to add Budapest to your list. Budapest is the capital of Hungary. It also possesses a fairytale view, thermal spas and magnificent foods that include the national dish of tasty goulash cooked with warming paprika. Also, the city’s metro operation is easy to navigate and the locals are much welcoming. On a couple’s vacation to Budapest, teens are highly advised to look out the ruin bars in the city.

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