10 Yummy Foods to Boost your Mood

Foods to Boost your Mood

As far as we all know, the food that we eat has a huge impact on our health especially to our skin up to our moods. The function of your brain really depends on your food consumption. We all know for a fact the difference of healthy foods and not. Increase in water intake allows us to be kept hydrated and by adding the food below into your diet, I’m sure it will make you feel energetic and it has a lot of benefits that modify our mood.


Did you know that turkey is forever? It’s not only during special occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Not having enough sleep? I think turkey would be the best option for you! This has melatonin which is very beneficial for having enough good sleep. Turkey is very abundant with amino acid called Tryptophan which is used in the production of Serotonin.



Foods to Boost your Mood

Because of its high level of Tryptophan, asparagus helps the body to increase the production of Serotonin. Asparagus contains a huge amount of folate that boosts happiness and prevents depression. Asparagus is also genetic sp there’s no need to worry about its adverse effects.



Foods to Boost your Mood

Eat oatmeal during breakfast for you to stay energetic all-day long. Oats reduces the risk of heart disease and can help regulate your glucose level. You should also not be worried about the effect of sugar rush after eating. Your mood will be better, trust me!



Foods to Boost your Mood

Spinach is good for you. No wonder for it has a high amount of Vitamin B which is good for your skin and nerves. Vitamin B helps your Serotonin boost up, keeps you stay cheerful and prevents you from getting sad.



Foods to Boost your Mood

Sunflower seeds are best for your brain and heart. It has Omega-3 that helps your brain function appropriately and prevents heart disease. You can effortlessly add these seeds to your baking dishes, an appetizer, snacks, or just eat it endlessly by removing its shell. You can definitely add sunflower seeds to your diet with no hesitations.



Foods to Boost your Mood

Mussel is very rich in Vitamin B12 which cushions the brain. It serves as a firewall to protect the brain that lasts for long. It’s also an abundant source of other vitamins and minerals for your thyroid to keep you energized and happy.



Foods to Boost your Mood

Yogurt, a dairy product, is definitely a healthy food. Some yogurts have the higher level of calcium as compared to some milk. A sudden decrease in calcium makes you feel sad and irritable. So, you better eat yogurt to increase your calcium level and for your mood to be perfectly awesome!



Foods to Boost your Mood

The first thing that comes to our mind when we say oyster is “an aphrodisiac”, right? However, consumption of oyster helps also in brain function. Tyrosine is seen in oyster which makes the brain efficient. Zinc intensifies tyrosine production which is well known for the function of the brain and it also increases the level of energy.



Foods to Boost your Mood

When we are stressed, the potassium decreases in our body. One way to increase it is by eating a banana, an excellent source of potassium. Consumption of banana makes you happy and keeps you to have peace of mind. This food is also low in calorie which is best for your diet.



Foods to Boost your Mood

No doubt chocolate is everyone’s favorite because it gives you positive an aura. As we all know, Endorphins triggers a positive feeling in the body and it also reduces your perception of pain. One way for Endorphins to be released is by eating chocolates. Why not eat dark chocolates when stressed or depressed? I’m sure it will change your mood to a positive one. Just eat it moderately to prevent high level of glucose.

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