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10 Most Common Food Allergies Nowadays

most common food allergies

Millions of Americans are suffering from allergies of food and there’s a difficulty on their part to enjoy a slice of birthday cake in the office or eating foods in a party since it might be risky for them to eat the food that shouldn’t be. It helps when they notify hosts, co-workers, restaurant, and friends but it would be better if...

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

As the clock turns for a brand New Year, all of us tend to reflect on the year that was and looking forward to the year that is. We all do self- introspection on the things or changes that we want to happen as we embark on another journey with time. Check if the Top Ten New Year’s resolutions include some of yours. 1. More Quality Time...

10 of the World’s Biggest Hotels – Based on the Number of Hotel Rooms to Check-in

Biggest Hotels

Is it the location? Their stars categorization? Are these the criteria that make the hotel grand? The kind of popularity gains because it is patronized by celebrities, rich people, and the common person alike? Was it their exclusivity and the absolute degree to their privacy? Then, it might be the combination of all these things and others. On...

10 Canada’s Most Dangerous Wild Animals

Canada Most Dangerous Wild Animals

For approximately 9.9 million sq. km., Canada is well known for its mesmerizing landscape with millions of people and wildlife array. Nevertheless, some of the animals found in the country are not human-friendly. These animals are observed to be hazardous including the bears (grizzly, polar, black), moose, prairie rattlesnake, and a lot more...

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