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10 Most Dangerous Foods for Dogs Commonly Found in Your Kitchen

Dangerous Foods for Dogs

Did you know that most foods that we eat are not suitable for your best friend? Yes, you read it right. I know it is hard to say no, especially when you see their cute, doggie eyes that seem to say, “Please spare me a piece.” But beware! Some of the foods that we love to eat are, certainly, fit for them. You have to know which ones are detrimental...

10 Yummy Foods to Boost your Mood

Foods to Boost your Mood

As far as we all know, the food that we eat has a huge impact on our health especially to our skin up to our moods. The function of your brain really depends on your food consumption. We all know for a fact the difference of healthy foods and not. Increase in water intake allows us to be kept hydrated and by adding the food below into your diet...

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