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10 Most Expensive Body Parts Insured

Most Expensive Body Parts Insured

If you depend on your essential body to get your job done, sometimes some parts of it can become extremely important. One tea specialist insured his tongue for an unbelievable £1 million ($1.5 million), but he is not the only one. Many other people and famous people decided to get their specific part of the body to get insured. Here is the list of...

10 Most Romantic Fragrances You Can’t Resist

Most Romantic Fragrances

Countless fragrances have been created and used, but only a few have earned the title of being called “the most romantic fragrances of all time.” These fragrances have become the core of many perfume lovers, and have captivated the hearts of women from generation to generation. Even people in some of the worlds poorest countries...

10 Most Important Kitchen Tools

Most Important Kitchen Tools

When moving into a new house, you may have a kitchen which is only fit out with basic equipment. Just an oven, chairs, tables and so on. Luckier if there are plates, several – sized skillets, and pans. You can find teaspoons, forks, knives, and spoons. Its quite likely that you will still need more kitchen tools for cooking your favorites...

10 Best Anti-Aging Foods for Younger Looking Skin

Anti-Aging Foods

Who wouldn’t want to be forever young? As the technology progresses, no scientist can find any clue on keeping us young forever. The body changes. As we age, it becomes weaker and more susceptible to illnesses and that includes deterioration of systemic functions. If only we could stop aging but no one could! Anti-aging foods help to sustain one’s...

10 Most Popular Pets On The Internet

Most Popular Pets On The Internet

Our pets are remarkably adorable and everybody is enjoying watching dogs and cats acting over the social media and online videos. Nowadays, pets are being famous all over the world. Some are fortunate to be known as celebrities and enjoyed lucrative living in the spotlight. Let’s take a look at the most popular pets on the internet.  ...

10 Yummy Foods to Boost your Mood

Foods to Boost your Mood

As far as we all know, the food that we eat has a huge impact on our health especially to our skin up to our moods. The function of your brain really depends on your food consumption. We all know for a fact the difference of healthy foods and not. Increase in water intake allows us to be kept hydrated and by adding the food below into your diet...

10 Most Famous Athletes in the World

most famous athletes in the world

How is a person’s popularity measured? Is it by the number of people who know or have heard about him? Maybe the frequency of his TV or radio guestings? How about the number of billboards and ads with his face on it? People might have a varying basis for measuring popularity, depending on the industry they are in. Like if you are a business icon...

10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

most dangerous jobs

My grandmother used to say, “when it’s your time, then it’s your time.” It does not matter if you are flying thousands of miles above land in an airplane or in a cruise ship, leisurely traveling the wide oceans, you can be in the comfort of your bed at home, but when the time comes for you to leave then it’s time to leave. Still, I always wondered...

10 Most Expensive Toys Ever Sold

most expensive toys

Last week, we talked about the most expensive chocolates in the world and way back we had the pleasure of sharing with you the most expensive paintings ever sold. Now, if you think some of their prices are totally unbelievable then wait till you see how much these most expensive toys ever sold costs.   Stefano Canturi Barbie or Diamond Barbie...

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