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10 Best Beaches In The World

Best Beaches In The World

The following is a list of the 10 best beaches in the world, according to National Geographic book: The 10 Best Of Everything 1. Seychelles The 115 components of this archipelago in the Indian Ocean are a popular resort and one of the most photographed beaches in the world. The turquoise water is relatively shallow and protected from the ocean’s...

10 Most Beautiful City Skylines

1. New York, United States – The landscape of Manhattan can be recognized by just about anyone. It can be seen beautifully from across the river or from the view points at the top of the Empire State Building or GE Building (Rockefeller center)   2. Hong Kong – The landscape of this amazing Asian city can be seen from Victoria...

10 Best Roller Coasters

Best Roller Coasters

1. El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey The fastest wooden roller coaster in the world, opened to the public on June 11, 2006. When it opened, it had the steepest drop of any wooden roller coaster in the world at 76 degrees, until the record was broken in 2008 by one degree. Overall, its structure height of 181 feet (55 m) is ranked...

10 Largest Stadiums In The World

Largest Stadiums In The World

The following is a list of notable sports stadiums, ordered by their capacity, that is the maximum number of spectators they can normally accommodate. The capacity figures are standard, permanent total capacity, including both seating and any permanent standing areas (click here for the largest stadiums in Europe) 1. Rungnado May Day Stadium...

10 Most Expensive Cities In The World

Tallest Towers In The World

The following is a list of the 10 most expensive cities in the world according to The Economist (more specifically – the Economist Intelligence Unit – EIU). The survey compares the cost of living in 131 cities around the world, across 97 countries. 1. Tokyo, Japan – The most expensive city in the world with over than 13 million...

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