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10 Most Unique Roads In The World

1. World’s steepest street: Baldwin Street, Dunedin, New Zealand – The world’s steepest street is located in Dunedin, New Zealand. It has an average slope of just over 1:5. Which means that for every 5 meters traveled horizontally, you also travel 1 meter vertically. The maximum slope of Baldwin street is 1:2.86 which makes for...

10 Busiest Airports In The World

Busiest Airports

The following is a list of the world’s busiest airports by passenger traffic. It is measured by the total number of passengers passing through the airport – either as arrivals, departures or transit passengers. This list was calculated according to the 2012 statistics, but the list remains more or less similar throughout the years. 1...

10 Most Extreme Airports

Extreme Airports

The following is a list of the most extreme and hazardous airports from in the world. They’re considered as such due to proximity to mountain peaks, cliff faces, crowded beaches, main roads or other¬†nonconventional features 1. Princess Juliana Airport, Saint Martin This international airport serves the Dutch part of the island of Saint...

10 Most Amazing Aerial Lifts In The World

Most Amazing Aerial Lifts

An aerial lift is a means of cable transport in which cabins, cars, gondolas or open chairs are hauled above the ground by means of one or more cables. Aerial lift systems are frequently employed in mountainous territory where roads are relatively difficult to build and often found in touristic landmarks 1. The Merida cable car, Venezuela Has the...

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