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10 Most Playful Dog Breeds in the World

Most Playful Dog Breeds - dalmatian breed

Dogs have all kinds of excellent features but usually, it’s their playful character that makes them fun to be with. There’s no single thing like having a goofy pup that could brighten up the day regardless of how gloomy it is. Although it’s in their nature to be playful, there are just some who are extremely playful. Here’s...

10 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures

Most Dangerous Sea Creatures

Swimming is among the healthiest sports one can do but never in an open ocean. Either you do it close to the coast only or in a pool if you would want to swim. Below are the 10 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures: 1. Chironex (Box Jellyfish) The box jellyfish doesn’t have sharp teeth, big mouth or venomous bite but this is the most dangerous in the...

10 Most Popular Trees Worldwide

Most Popular Trees

No living things last forever in this world. Just like trees, they may live up to hundreds of years but eventually, they wither and die. Some famous trees were unfortunately lost because of mankind. The L’ Arbre du Tenere, the most isolated tree in Sahara, was damaged and knocked down by a Libyan drunk driver by his truck in 1973. In August...

World’s 10 Cutest Cat Breeds

Cutest Cat Breeds

These breeds of cat are underrated and cute. It appears that dog breeds are the most recognized compare to cats who don’t get enough recognition. There are also cat breeds variety similar to dogs that also deserve recognition and love. Check out these world’s 10 cutest cat breeds that you’ll surely love! 1. Scottish Fold Scottish...

10 Most Amazing Animal Stories You’ll Love

Amazing Animal Stories

Everybody love animals.  They are some of our best and most loyal companions throughout our lives.  If you love animals like we do, what better than some amazing animal stories.  So, here are some of the most Amazing Animal Stories we could find. 1. Bobbie the Wonder Dog Bobbie, a Scotch Collie/English Shepard mix was given the name “The...

10 Canada’s Most Dangerous Wild Animals

Canada Most Dangerous Wild Animals

For approximately 9.9 million sq. km., Canada is well known for its mesmerizing landscape with millions of people and wildlife array. Nevertheless, some of the animals found in the country are not human-friendly. These animals are observed to be hazardous including the bears (grizzly, polar, black), moose, prairie rattlesnake, and a lot more...

10 Most Dangerous Birds In The World

Most Dangerous Birds

One of the most admired creatures in the animal kingdom are the birds. They come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors and, as such, they have been immortalized in practically everything -from company logos to government and political party emblems, to fashion designs and accessories, kitchen wares and a host of other stuff. The most notable...

10 Most Dangerous Spiders on Earth

Dangerous Spiders

Spiders are equally fascinating and terrifying. Watching them weave their intricate and surprisingly strong webs fills you with both fear and curiosity. While most people are afraid of spiders, some are truly disturbed by them, this is called arachnophobia. Not all people who have this phobia can explain the reason why they fear spiders. It could...

10 Most Unusual Deep-Sea Creatures

Unusual Deep-Sea Creatures

With the help of new and developing technology, scientists every year explore new regions and find new creatures under the sea. There are many unknown and unseen sea creatures in the deep sea, most of which are not yet explored. Another world can be found in deep seas which have countless plants and sea creatures. Most of the newly discovered deep...

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