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10 Most Beautiful Libraries In The World

Most Beautiful Libraries

Before you is a list of 10 beautiful libraries with outstanding interior design. Some of these libraries are centuries old and hold large collections of books that some are well over a thousand years old! Some of the libraries we mentioned here are national libraries while others are libraries of an abbey, but all of them are well kept and...

10 Most Beautiful Stone Bridges In The World

Most Beautiful Stone Bridges

We already composed many lists dedicated to bridges: the tallest bridges (and highest), longest bridges, scariest, movable bridges or most famous bridges. It’s about time to dedicate a post solely to stone bridges. These bridges are all centuries old and stood the test of time. We chose the 10 we think are most beautiful and impressive, but...

10 Most Beautiful Drives In The World

Most Beautiful Drives

We previously had a list on the most unique roads in the world and we were asked to write about the most beautiful drives as well. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, of course, but we did comprise a list of 10 remarkable drives with unforgettable views. Some of them are coastline roads with view of the ocean, others are mountain passes with...

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