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10 Longest Land Borders In The World

Longest Land Borders In The World

With waves of immigrants and refugees on the move from Africa and the Middle East to Europe, and from Central America and South America to North America, building walls, fences and other obstacles along land borders between countries is becoming a common thing. The United States has fortified its 3,141 km (1,951 miles) long border with Mexico, and...

10 Most Incredible Man Made Barriers

Man Made Barriers

Building a barrier to protect oneself and one’s interests is not a new notion and has been around for thousands of years. The following is a list of amazing man made barriers that were built with enormous investments both financial and in man labor, and took years to complete. These barriers were built as borders between countries, to stop...

10 Most Beautiful Walled Cities In The World

Beautiful Walled Cities

Many cities around the world are still protected by the old city walls built centuries ago. Though not much of a defense mechanism today, these walls are kept as a remembrance of the past and often they serve as a tourists attraction. If you’ve ever been to such a city, you know there’s nothing like walking around or on the walls of an...

10 Most Famous Walls In The World

Most Famous Walls

1. The Great Wall Of China, China Built in the 14th century, the Great Wall Of China stretches for 8,850 kilometers!  This amazing wall was built to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire from the attacks of nomadic tribes. The Great Wall is one of the most recognized structures in the world, it is the largest man made barrier ever...

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