The 10 busiest cities in the world

busiest cities in the world - hong kong

Cities’ transformation when it comes to infrastructures, buildings, skyscrapers or metropolitans is admirable. Aside from the development of the world’s landscape, communities’ living standard has greatly changed too. Technology, trade and globalization made the people busier than before.

Listed below are the 10 busiest cities in the world.

1. New York

busiest cities in the world - new york

This busy and noisy city of New York is populated with 19 million individuals. It receives about 50 million tourists each year and considered the largest American metropolis. Like the other cities mentioned on this list, New York is also an overpopulated city that never sleeps. A symbol of US power, capitalism and also glamour and sophistication. Indeed, New York is the perfect destination for your next travel! Check out these 10 Best Attractions in New York.

2. Tokyo

busiest cities in the world - tokyo
Tokyo’s tourist attractions are the reasons why visitors love to visit this place. This city never sleeps, literally. Its population is mainly composed of independent, business-minded teenagers. A home to Japan’s Imperial Family and a cultural center, this city is also considered the fussiest modern city on earth.


3. London

busiest cities in the world - London city

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London, one of the busiest cities in the world, has approximately 13 million population. Security cameras were installed anywhere for safety and protection, as this place is at risk of terrorist attacks. Its airport has 1400 flights every day, with 63 million passengers per year. London’s transport system that includes buses and metro, is the world’s best.


4. Beijing

busiest cities in the world - beijing city


The second-largest Chinese city when it comes to population is the city of Beijing. It is famous for being the primary hub for the national highway, railway, high-speed rail networks and expressway. Beijing airport is second in the world’s busiest international airport. This city is a home to entrepreneurs who love to sell products of any kind – either old artifacts or new high tech products.


5. Shanghai

busiest cities in the world - shanghai

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This Chinese city, Shanghai, can be considered as the most beautiful city in the world. Located in the Yangtze River delta and with 19 million population. Its fast-growing Chines economy could make this city the world’s financial center in the future. Shanghai possesses an extensive transport system of metro and buses. And its a major shipping, administrative and trading city, too!


6. Hong Kong

busiest cities in the world - hong kong

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A communist and capitalist city of Hongkong has a population of about 4.29 billion. It is situated on China’s south coast and popular for its real estate giants. Hong Kong city is probably the most advanced and modern city in the world. It also has low taxes, free trade, deep natural harbor and belongs on the list of major trade centers in the world.


7. Singapore

busiest cities in the world - singapore

The safe and stable island nation of Singapore has more than 5 million population. With its friendly people and tasty cuisines, anyone would love to visit this place! No wonder there are more than 8 million tourists who travel to this place every year. Its tourism industry was booming and became the top earner, next is shipbuilding. Singapore is characterized by high tech structures, bustling airlines, fantastic shopping centers, a cosmopolitan atmosphere, and busy people rushing every day.

8. Moscow

busiest cities in the world  - moscow

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Moscow is known for its beautiful Moscow Metro with over 180 stations. If you want to avoid heavy traffics, it’s best to take the Moscow Metro than taking road transport. Its ancient structures, wonderful architectural works, and cultural significance are the reasons why tourists love to visit this place.


9. Dubai

busiest cities in the world - dubai

Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates, has 2.16 million population. Known for its colorful nightlife, modern architecture, and luxury shopping. Considered as the business hub of the Middle East. This city’s tourism, transport networks, aviation, financial services and real estate have a big contribution to Dubai’s economy.

10. Mumbai

busiest cities in the world - mumbai

An Indian city, Mumbai, is populated with 20.5 million individuals. It is the richest Indian city with a continuous supply of water and electricity and considered as the subcontinent’s financial capital. Mumbai is proud to have the largest port in India’s western region. There are increasing numbers of people who migrate to this city every year – aiming to have a better quality of living.

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