World Bridges Quiz

You think you know some of the most iconic, famous and biggest bridges in the world? Here's a short quiz to test your knowledge about bridges

1. Which bridge is the tallest bridge in the world, when measuring by the full structure height?
2. Which bridge is the highest bridge in the world, when measuring the max distance between the deck of the road to the ground / water below?
3. Which of the following world famous bridges was completed first?
4. Which of the following suspension bridges has the longest main span (the distance between the two main towers)?
5. What is the name of the world famous love locks bridge in Paris?
6. Which of these bridges is not in Italy?
7. What is the nickname of the Sydney Harbour Bridge?
8. Several of the world's tallest bridges cross the same river in China. Which river is that?
9. If I want to visit the famous Charles Bridge, where should I go?
10. The Brooklyn Bridge in New York connects Brooklyn and?


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