10 Most Highest Mountains In The U.S.

It’s incredible to think that the highest mountains in one country can come from one state in particular. However, that just so happens to be the case for this list. We bring you the 10 Most Highest Mountains In The U.S. but it may shock you.

While the U.S. is vast the truth here is, all of the highest mountains in the U.S. happen to be in Alaska. That’s right, Alaska holds the top ten highest mountains in the U.S. so it would be quite unfair to list any other state along with it and ignore the beauty that is Alaska.

The fact that Alaska has such a large and vast range of mountains adds to it’s overall beauty. It’s not just harsh winters and huskies. There are plenty of beautiful areas that are just waiting for you to discover them, we’ll start with the 10 Most Highest Mountains In The U.S.

10 Most Highest Mountains In The U.S.

10. Mt. Fairweather

Mt. Fairweather is the tenth mountain on our list at a height of 15,300 feet. The surprising factor of this list is that has six more mountains that are in Alaska before hitting another state.

Highest Mountains

9. Mt. Churchill

Mt. Churchill has a great height of 15,638, which doesn’t beat Mt. Fairweather by that much in terms of mountainous standards.

Highest Mountains

8. South Buttress

The South Buttress mountain has a height of 15,885 feet but is not the most massive mountain in Alaska by far.

Highest Mountains

7. Mt. Vancouver

Mt. Vancouver has a height of 15,979 feet that is just under the 16,000 feet mark which will begin with the next mountain. It’s important to note that Mt. Vancouver is mainly in Canada but the Southern side resides in Alaska.

Highest Mounatins

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6. Mt. Sanford

Mt. Sanford takes a massive jump into the 16,000 feet territory with a height of 16,237 feet.

Highest Mountains

5. Mt. Blackburn

Mt. Blackburn continues the list with a height of 16,320 feet.

Highest Mountains

4. Mt. Bona

Mt. Bona follows the list with a 16,500 height.

Highest Mountains

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3. Mt. Foraker

Now it’s time to get into the top three. Mt. Foraker makes a massive jump with a height of 17,400 feet.

Highest Mountains

2. Mt. St. Elias

Before we get to the tallest mountain at number one, it’s important to note that number two is a giant. Mt. St. Elias is coming in at a height of 18,008 feet.

Highest Mountains

1. Mt. Denali

The breathtaking Mt. Denali has an overall height of 20,320 feet. It is the tallest mountain in the U.S. and many enjoy taking on the challenge of climbing it.

Highest Mountains

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