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10 Most Expensive Cars in the World

Most Expensive Cars

With modern design technologies today, the most extravagant cars are more than just a mode of transport. These are great art masterpieces showcasing the human ingenuity and the love for anything fancy! Here are some of the most luxurious dream cars that 99% of the world population are salivating about. Which is your top pick?   10. Zenvo ST1...

10 Most Common Modes Of Transportation

Modes Of Transportation

From the time humans invented the wheels, we have been striving to reach more places. We use several, varied modes of transportation to explore the world and to do businesses as well. We are improving our forms of transportation to reduce travel time, but still, we have old forms of transportation in use. Below are the top 10 most common modes of...

Top 10 Most Girly Cars of 2017 You Should Check Out

10 Most Girly Cars of 2017

Throughout the years we’ve been hearing “women driver” in exasperated voice from male drivers when they encounter female motorists on the street who’s driving they don’t like. Anyway, more and more women have become really good drivers. That being said, here are the top 10 most girly cars of 2017. Though they are not as neat as the futuristic...

10 Fastest Trains in the World

Do you ever feel the need for speed? What if you could enjoy a speedy trip without knowing how fast you’re going? Well, in our list of 10 Fastest Trains in the World we will share some of the fastest modes of transportation that are so fast you don’t even know how fast you’re moving. Trains are heavy machines and while most...

10 Best Funiculars In The World

Best Funiculars

A funicular or a cliff railway is a cable railway in which two tram vehicles are attached to each other with a cable, counterbalancing each other as one ascend a hill and the other descends it. Funiculars can be found on hills all over the world. Here’s a list of 10 famous funiculars from all around the world which offer wonderful views at...

10 Tram Systems Worth The Ride

Tram Systems

I previously wrote a list on the world’s largest Metro systems, measured by the number of stations. This time I’ll write on trams, cable cars and light rail systems, but instead of following an objective measurement, I’ll list ten systems that are definitely worth mentioning, or worth the ride, as the title says 1. Vienna  The...

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