10 Most Delicious Snacks to Bring on the Plane

Most Delicious Snacks to Bring on the Plane

Have you been desperately looking for snacks to bring for your upcoming flight? Although there are times when we find acceptable snacks (which unfortunately cost too much), most of the times we’re too unlucky to find food tailored to our taste. The boxes of in-flight snacks usually contain food which we won’t enjoy or eat too!

We have good news for you. Avoid the airport snacks. You can bring some snacks with you which don’t cost too expensive and are fit for your tastebuds. To save you from pre-flight stress, here are the 10 most delicious snacks to bring on the plane, which also comply with the 3-1-1 stringent rule of TSA.

1. Beef Jerky

Most Delicious Snacks to Bring on the Plane - beef jerky

If you love meat, this snack is perfect for you! Beef Jerky is a snack that offers several variations of meat and seasonings, you can choose from bacon, chicken, lamb, buffalo, and even turkey! The Whole Food Epic Bars offer a diverse variety of snacks that come with a twist, aside from its convenient packaging, which you can bring whenever you go. Epic Bars also included unique spices and fruits in their traditional jerky. It is as if you are bringing a whole meal on a plane with this snack!

2. Dried Fruit

Most Delicious Snacks to Bring on the Plane - dried fruit

A healthy and refreshing snack with different available varieties in stores can make something extraordinary. You can try on buying different kinds of dried fruit to create your mix. A simple mix presented is a tropical version of dried fruit snack mix and is a great partner during your flight. All you need to do is have fun experimenting with different variations of fruits you love to create the perfect dried fruit mix that you fancy.

3. Veggie on the go

Most Delicious Snacks to Bring on the Plane - veggie

Did you say veggies? You can find any kind of bean or veggie that you like, whether dried, seasoned, dehydrated or roasted, for your satisfaction. Not yet convinced? Well, chickpeas, kale, sprouted flax, broccoli, and seaweed are just some of the options they have.

4. Breakfast

Most Delicious Snacks to Bring on the Plane - chocolate crepes

These easy-to-pack snack options are perfect on-the-go for a morning meal. Granola bars are always the favorite choice which now come with different fancy toppings and flavors, but if your taste buds are looking for something new, you can opt for chocolate crepes in a bar.

5. Sweets

Most Delicious Snacks to Bring on the Plane - mini biscotti

If you have a sweet tooth, these snacks are for you! Add color to your flight with these sweet snacks. There are tons of these in a supermarket but try thin cookie crisps, mini biscotti, or a pack of French pure butter cookies, an excellent partner to your tea or coffee. Or, if you are still craving more sweets, you can add red licorice or chocolate-coated peanut candies.

6. Cheese & Crackers

Most Delicious Snacks to Bring on the Plane - cheese

If you love this classic combo during the flight, you can just bring your own cheese and crackers without costing you a lot than ordering in-flight. Just find a suitable cracker that you can slip on a tiny bag, and you are good to go! Less hassle, plus you can save more than ordering a glass of wine at an airline.

7. Fresh Snacks

Most Delicious Snacks to Bring on the Plane - peanut butter

Peanut butter and apple pair is an excellent snack if you prefer something fresh and healthy during your flight. These nut butters in individual pouches are TSA-approved plus hassle-free to eat without needing a bulky jar as nut butters container or a knife. You can pack a whole apple or if you want it already sliced, keep apple slices inside a zip-top bag and partner it with the nut butter spread you bought. If you are not a fan of apples, you can also pack bananas since it is easy to transport as well.

8. Chocolate

Most Delicious Snacks to Bring on the Plane - chocolate

Craving for some chocolates? You can pack your own favorite chocolate bars or this Hershey’s chocolate, it’s very convenient to bring and carry!

9. Alternative Chips

Most Delicious Snacks to Bring on the Plane - Annie's Cheddar Snack Mix

Who doesn’t want potato chips for snacks? Potato chips have always been the people’s favorite but if you like to try something new-this Kettle Corn is perfect while you are watching your favorite shows on your flight. Annie’s Cheddar Snack Mix is another alternative to spice up your favorite movies. This snack is a combination of cheese and crackers in a box, a better choice than a normal airline snack that they offer. These are just a few chip alternative ideas you might want to try. Enjoy the flavors while you are having a smooth sailing flight!

10. Trail Mix

Most Delicious Snacks to Bring on the Plane - trail mix

Trader Joe’s offers several different mixes of trail mix like fruits, candies, nuts, yogurt, granola, chocolates and etc. You might spot something you fancy with the wide variety of options of trail mix they have.

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