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10 Most Common Reasons Why Couples Argue

Most Common Reasons Why Couples Argue - False Memory Syndrome

Are you and your partner argue all the time? It is so common for couples to have some disagreements at some point in their lives. The disagreement may not reach the argument stage; however, it still remains as disagreement. Here are the 10 most common reasons why couples argue 1. Sex The most unexpressed reason behind arguments is sex. When...

10 Most Extreme Ways People Try to Stay Skinny

Most Extreme Ways People Try to Stay Skinny - Spoon diet

In what ways do they keep that skinny figure? As far as losing weight, there are only limited options for surpassing a healthy diet and routine exercise. Though that doesn’t imply that they haven’t tried it yet. For whatever reason it may be, desperation, impatience, or eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia, some people go beyond...

10 Most Common Reasons Why People Use Drugs

Most Common Reasons Why People Use Drugs - Peer Pressure

There are some reasons why one uses drugs and it varies for each individual. Usually, a person is finding a way to solve a certain problem in life and they consider drugs as the solution to that problem. In teens, usage of alcohol drugs is their way to fit the group or can also be a result of peer pressure. Below are the 10 most common reasons why...

10 Most Deadly Diseases in the World

Most Deadly Diseases - Stroke

People are susceptible to different kinds of diseases everyday, depending on their lifestyles and other significant factors. Unfortunately, some diseases are deadlier than others. Below are the 10 most deadly diseases in the world, ranked by the World Health Organization (WHO). 1. Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) Vessels supply blood to our heart and...

10 Most Popular Sports for Girls

Most Popular Sports for Girls - Soccer

Acquiring skills, getting fit, and experiencing social interaction through meeting new friends are some of the benefits that girls achieve in playing sports. Most sports do require the participation of a team, though they have different activity levels and pace. To guide and help America’s young females in deciding the right sports for them...

10 Most Bizarre Phobias You’ll Encounter

Most Bizarre Phobias

Have you encountered the weirdest phobias in the world? Probably not! Check out the 10 most bizarre phobias below: 1. Fear of opening the eyes: OPTOPHOBIA If there were honorable mention for the most disturbing phobia, it would be the fear of opening one’s eyes, also known as Optophobia. Even though this process is natural to humans and it...

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