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10 Most Common Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Symptoms of Anxiety - Headaches

Distressing physical symptoms can be caused by panic and anxiety disorders. Anxiety is the cause of their symptoms that most people are unaware of, which can lead to worsening the problem as they think the symptoms that they have come from a hidden disease which leads to more anxiety. By recognizing their physical symptoms and learning more about...

10 Most Unhealthy Foods to Eat

Most Unhealthy Foods - doughnuts

Processed foods like junk foods are everywhere. Excessive and unhealthy amounts of fats, salt and sugar, might give your health devastating effects. We’ve listed below the 10 most unhealthy foods. These should be taken in moderation to avoid undesirable effects to your health. 1. Fried Desserts You should avoid those deep-fried desserts...

10 Most Bizarre Phobias

Most Bizarre Phobias - Ablutophobia

You might think that you already know weird phobias, but these lists of unusual phobias will surprise you and blow your mind. 1. Optophobia If there is an award for most bothersome phobia, optophobia will definitely get this award. Optophobia is the fear of opening eyes. This simple act seems as easy as breathing for most people, yet this is a...

10 Most Amazing Facts About Teeth

Most Amazing Facts About Teeth - You have teeth as unique as you

You might think ancient people didn’t care about their dental health, unlike the present people, due to the lack of records of having dentists in the past. However, despite the lack of dentists, people have been concerned about their teeth since 500 BC. Ancient Greeks and Romans used mixtures with crushed coral powder and iron rust to clean...

10 Most Popular Pasta Shapes

Most Popular Pasta Shapes - Pappardelle

There can be no mistake when it comes to pasta. From throwing a birthday party to cooking for your children, pasta is totally a people pleaser because of the unending flavor combinations and versatility. Have you heard that approximately there are 350 different kinds of pasta? And that’s plenty of noodles! Which of the pasta shapes are...

10 Most Helpful Effects of Drinking Coffee

Most Helpful Effects of Drinking Coffee - Live longer

Whether it’s with milk, bold, iced or hot, coffee is already a staple in the majority of one’s diet. Drinking coffee gives us a morning boost and is utilized in social gatherings at small-scale or big cafe businesses. Frankly speaking, it isn’t just for social benefit but for coffee lovers, it is a ritual. Anywhere around the...

10 Most Interesting Vegan Facts

Vegan Facts

Living a vegan life is healthy, and it also benefits the environment. However, are you familiar with the interesting facts of this trending lifestyle? Some might astonish you! These facts may persuade you and stay vegan all the way. 1. Up to 80% of food poisoning cases are linked to infected meat.   2. A population of 1.3 billion would...

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