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10 Most Expensive Wood in the World

Most Expensive Wood - Dalbergia

One doesn’t have to be an expert just to know whether a wood is expensive or not. There are several factors that can affect the value of wood, but the topmost reason is usually how rare it is to find. Fortunate for Africa and India for being the place where the most costly woods can be found. Aside from the test of exceptionality...

10 Most Dangerous Mountains in the World

Most Dangerous Mountains - Matterhorn

Whether you like it or not, this article containing a morbid account of ascending the most dangerous mountains also has several interesting nuggets. Check it out to know the full scoop about these 10 most dangerous mountains. 1. Mt. Everest at the border of Nepal and China (29,029 ft) With regards to Mt. Everest’s marquee status, it is easy...

10 Most Expensive Plants

Most Expensive Plants - Lisianthus

The most intricate gifts that nature have given to us are plants. These lovely plants can even give us rare flowers which we can use in various ways such as using it to give a lovely present for our loved ones or keep them as decorative plants. We have prepared a list of 10 most expensive plants for you. 1. Kadapul Flower (priceless) This is the...

10 Most Creative Uses for Your Pumpkins

Most Creative Uses for Your Pumpkins - Pumpkin Cocktail

What did you do with those jack-o-lanterns you have carved during Halloween? With all the money, hard work and love you have exerted, it will be a waste to just throw those things out. However, you don’t have to throw your effort with the pumpkin you have used next time because it’s a very versatile food. Aside from being tasty, a lot...

10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Most Beautiful Flowers - rose

Flowers are part of our life’s simple pictures, has the form of being flawless, represents beauty at its purest. Nothing can be compared to flowers in a vase as it adds color to our living room, the countless colors in the wildflower’s field, or the fragrance of your bouquet. There are individuals who are even traveling far just to see...

10 Most Instagrammable Places to Visit

Most Instagrammable Places - Amsterdam Netherlands

Instagram-worthy spots attract many tourists and travelers nowadays. Was there any moment when you went to beautiful locations and didn’t take any pictures? Sharing photos and videos on social networks is the most common way for adventurers to record and brag their travels abroad. Fear not if you don’t know where you’re traveling...

10 Most Dangerous Beaches in the World

Most Dangerous Beaches - Fraisier Island Beaches

Some individuals consider a beautiful beach as a perfect escape from their busy and stressful work. Those amazing waves, blue ocean water and aromatic sea air can capture anyone’s heart. But still, there are dangerous beaches in the world that are deadly to tourists and swimmers. 1. Chowpatty Beach Mumbai This public beach in Mumbai is so...

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