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10 Most Venomous Snakes in the World

Most Venomous Snakes - Eastern Brown Snake

Do you know the most dangerous snakes found worldwide? While other poisonous animals can hurt you by eating or touching them, these venomous snakes can inject you with their venom and can kill in less than an hour if left untreated! 1. Inland Taipan The most venomous snake around the world is the Inland Taipan, a native to Australia. It usually...

World’s 10 Most Extreme Hearing Animals

Most extreme hearing animals - Owl

Humans are unique in the animal kingdom with traits and capabilities that are truly admirable. But let’s admit, not all of us are gifted with the super hearing power. Did you know that there are animals with better hearing than humans? Check out below the 10 animals with the most extreme sense of hearing. 1. Most extreme hearing animals:...

10 Fastest Dog Breeds in the World

Fastest Dog Breeds - Greyhound

Dogs are playful, love to run and chase balls. Because of their high energy and admirable speed, some of them are used in races and contests. Check out the list of 10 fastest dog breeds in the world. 1. Greyhound Greyhound, with a speed of 43MPH, has been bred for racing. If you check the ancient Egyptian history, greyhound-like dogs carvings are...

10 Most Unique Animals That Can Live Without Food for Months

Animals that can live without food - camels

Humans can hardly survive without food and water for days. Eating food is part of our existence and it is human nature to eat daily. But did you know that there are some animals which can live without food to eat or water to drink? Yes, they can still survive for months or even years! Amazing, isn’t it?  Below are the 10 most unique animals that...

World’s 10 Most Hilarious Dog Breeds

Most hilarious dog breeds - Puli

Have you encountered a very hilarious dog? Dogs who enjoy making people laugh and at the same time were delighted and just kept on doing it? They have funny traits and unique personality, which they have no problem showing it. Some are energetic and cheerful, which causes people to laugh. But others are just so funny or astonishing! Below are the...

10 Most Playful Dog Breeds in the World

Most Playful Dog Breeds - dalmatian breed

Dogs have all kinds of excellent features but usually, it’s their playful character that makes them fun to be with. There’s no single thing like having a goofy pup that could brighten up the day regardless of how gloomy it is. Although it’s in their nature to be playful, there are just some who are extremely playful. Here’s...

10 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures

Most Dangerous Sea Creatures

Swimming is among the healthiest sports one can do but never in an open ocean. Either you do it close to the coast only or in a pool if you would want to swim. Below are the 10 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures: 1. Chironex (Box Jellyfish) The box jellyfish doesn’t have sharp teeth, big mouth or venomous bite but this is the most dangerous in the...

10 Most Popular Trees Worldwide

Most Popular Trees

No living things last forever in this world. Just like trees, they may live up to hundreds of years but eventually, they wither and die. Some famous trees were unfortunately lost because of mankind. The L’ Arbre du Tenere, the most isolated tree in Sahara, was damaged and knocked down by a Libyan drunk driver by his truck in 1973. In August...

World’s 10 Cutest Cat Breeds

Cutest Cat Breeds

These breeds of cat are underrated and cute. It appears that dog breeds are the most recognized compare to cats who don’t get enough recognition. There are also cat breeds variety similar to dogs that also deserve recognition and love. Check out these world’s 10 cutest cat breeds that you’ll surely love! 1. Scottish Fold Scottish...

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