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10 Most Deadly Fish Creatures in the World

Most Deadly Fish - Piranhas

You might be curious about all kinds and types of fish which one can find in the vast ocean. These fascinating marine creatures make the swimming and diving experience more memorable with their beautiful features. However, no matter how captivating these organisms are, some carry potential dangers which can even lead to death. We have prepared the...

10 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds

Most Beautiful Horse Breeds - Akhal-Teke

Nature never fails to surprise us with wonderful gifts such as majestic horses, which provide us with great company. However, no matter how pretty they are, there are still some which will really stand out, so check this list of 10 most beautiful horse breeds in the world of equestrian. 1. Mustang Brought by the Spaniards to the Americans, this...

10 Cheapest Dogs You Can Have

Cheapest Dogs - Labrador Retriever

One of the things most kids ask their mom is an adorable puppy. However, one must consider factors before choosing and buying a pup, such as the expenses you have to face in the long run. There is nothing cheaper than owning a pooch from the animal’s shelter. However, some people prefer a certain breed than others based on the ease of taking...

10 Most Expensive Plants

Most Expensive Plants - Lisianthus

The most intricate gifts that nature have given to us are plants. These lovely plants can even give us rare flowers which we can use in various ways such as using it to give a lovely present for our loved ones or keep them as decorative plants. We have prepared a list of 10 most expensive plants for you. 1. Kadapul Flower (priceless) This is the...

10 Most Bizarre Dinosaurs

Most Bizarre Dinosaurs

Almost thousands of dinosaurs named by paleontologists to date, however, among the rest, a handful only standout… not for us, not for size but for weirdness. Below are the 10 most bizarre dinosaurs: 1. Most Bizarre Dinosaurs – Amargasaurus Amargasaurus, an early Cretaceous dinosaur, measures 30ft long from its head to tail and only...

10 Most Venomous Snakes in the World

Most Venomous Snakes - Eastern Brown Snake

Do you know the most dangerous snakes found worldwide? While other poisonous animals can hurt you by eating or touching them, these venomous snakes can inject you with their venom and can kill in less than an hour if left untreated! 1. Inland Taipan The most venomous snake around the world is the Inland Taipan, a native to Australia. It usually...

World’s 10 Most Extreme Hearing Animals

Most extreme hearing animals - Owl

Humans are unique in the animal kingdom with traits and capabilities that are truly admirable. But let’s admit, not all of us are gifted with the super hearing power. Did you know that there are animals with better hearing than humans? Check out below the 10 animals with the most extreme sense of hearing. 1. Most extreme hearing animals:...

10 Fastest Dog Breeds in the World

Fastest Dog Breeds - Greyhound

Dogs are playful, love to run and chase balls. Because of their high energy and admirable speed, some of them are used in races and contests. Check out the list of 10 fastest dog breeds in the world. 1. Greyhound Greyhound, with a speed of 43MPH, has been bred for racing. If you check the ancient Egyptian history, greyhound-like dogs carvings are...

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