10 Most Impressive Architectural Wonders in Copenhagen

Architectural Wonders in Copenhagen

The world is filled with architectural wonders both old and new. However, Copenhagen has some of the most spectacular architectural marvels. So, we compiled a list of the 10 Most Impressive Architectural Wonders in Copenhagen.

Danish architecture is some of the most interesting pieces in the world. The part of the reason for so much interest in Danish architecture is the fact that it varies. Classic Viking architecture can be found along with plenty of modern developments. It’s incredible to see the varying styles and the types of businesses or inhabitants in them.

“Danish architects like Arne Jacobsen and Jørn Utzon, designer of the Sydney Opera House, have left impressive marks on architecture in Denmark and abroad,” according to Visit Denmark.

Copenhagen itself has a culture that is rich in progression without forgetting their origins and past. So if you were ever interested in the various pieces of architecture in Copenhagen you can check out our list of the10 Most Impressive Architectural Wonders in Copenhagen.

10 Most Impressive Architectural Wonders in Copenhagen

10. Ordrupgaard Museum Extension

The Ordrupgaard Museum Extension itself is a work of art but it also houses multiple pieces of Danish and French art. The oddly shaped form of the building is quite puzzling but very appealing as well. The design was created by Zaha Hadid, an Iraqi-born architect.

Architectural Wonders in Copenhagen

9. The Blue Planet

The Blue Planet is a modern architectural marvel that happens to be another place for tourists to gather. The Blue Planet is actually an aquarium housing all sorts of aquatic life. There are somewhere around 20,000 animals in the aquarium with over 450 different species.

Architectural Wonders in Copenhagen

8. The Wave (Bølgen)

The Wave is actually a residential building. The name is pretty much self-explanatory from the overall form of the structure. The design was completed by Henning Larsen Architects and has a total of 115 apartments. How would you feel living in a wave?

Architectural Wonders in Copenhagen

7. Ebeltoft Glass Museum by 3XN

The Ebeltoft Glass Museum was complete by 3XN, Danish architects. Being that it is in a fishing town which also has a very visibly attractive bay area, the designers kept that in mind creating the glass walls that all you to see the town and bay area from three sides.

Architectural Wonders in Copenhagen

PhotoCred: Nico-dk (WikiMedia Commons)

6. Royal Danish Opera House

“The Royal Danish Opera is one of the few opera companies in the world to have a soloist ensemble, one recognized for its very high artistic level,” according to the Opera’s main site. The level of artistic level extends throughout the design of the building in which they perform. It was designed by Henning Larsen.

Architectural Wonders in Copenhagen

5. The Tietgen Student Residence

The Tietgen Student Residence might be one of the coolest student housing buildings in the world. The awesome award winning design was created by Lundgaard and Tranberg and the structure has 360 rooms. It’s hard not to love this design.Architectural Wonders in Copenhagen

4. DR Koncerthuset

The DR Koncerthuset concert hall was designed by Jean Nouvel and reports point to the acoustics as being some of the best in the world. It’s stunning to look at would be perfect to visit if you happen to be around the area.

Architectural Wonders in Copenhagen

Attribution: Knud Winckelmann – commons.wikimedia.org – CC-BY-SA-3. or Knud Winckelmann – commons.wikimedia.org Dansk: Hvis du vil bruge denne fil uden for Wikimedias projekter, så krediter venligst brugen med Knud Winckelmann – commons.wikimedia.org – CC-BY-SA-3. eller Knud Winckelmann – commons.wikimedia.org

3. M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark

The M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark was designed by Bjarke Ingels Group and is filled with trade artifacts. There are tens of thousands of photographs along with models and paintings. It’s definitely an interesting place to venture if you have the time.

Architectural Wonders in Copenhagen

2. 8Tallet

The 8Tallet was designed by Bjarke Ingels Group and happens to be a multi-purpose building. It features a unique bow-shaped structure and is used for both office space and retail space.

Architectural Wonders in Copenhagen1. VM Mountain

The VM Mountain was a total team effort from Bjarke Ingels (BIG), JDS and Plot. Together they created a stunning residential housing complex that is simply marvelous. It holds an astonishing 80 units which is incredible considering the overall design and size.

Architectural Wonders in Copenhagen

PhotoCred: JDSA

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