10 Most Interesting Ramen Restaurants in the World

Ramen Restaurants in the World

In Japan, ramen is one of the hottest dishes and has become somewhat of a trend in the country. What’s interesting about this trend is that is has traveled into other countries and nestled itself right among some of the top searched food items in the world. So, in order to highlight the tasty meal and the best of the best when it comes to Ramen we compiled the 10 Most Interesting Ramen Restaurants in the World.

As you will see in our list Japan, California and New York pretty much dominate when it comes to having some of the best ramen that money can buy. Ramen is a traditional Japanese dish of noodles, broth and various toppings. It is still unclear whether or not the dish originated in Japan or China, however, Japan has pretty much adopted it completely. So much in fact that it is a pretty good way to make a living in the country.

When most Americans hear ramen, they immediately think about the packets of Ramen Noodles that are super cheap and pretty easy to prepare for a quick meal. However, ramen is an art form all its own and the amount of flavors one can capture in a ramen dish is simply astonishing. You can check out our 10 Most Interesting Ramen Restaurants in the World to find out where some of the best ramen comes from.

10 Most Interesting Ramen Restaurants in the World

10. Jin Ramen, NY

While the name may be a little scary as it translates to “benevolence,” according to Jin Ramen, the restaurant prides itself on making good ramen and making a positive impact on the community. They serve Hakata style ramen that features a pork-based broth.

Ramen Restaurants in the World

9. Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai, California

Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai is somewhat of a chain in Japan with 57 locations. However, there happens to be a location in Costa Mesa, California that brings the Japanese heritage to the U.S. With a heavy concentration on the Soba noodle, chef Akira Nakahara has been recognized as one of the masters of noodle making after being accepted by the Ban Nai family.

Ramen Restaurants in the World

PhotoCred: Ramen Ban Nai

8. Mangetsu, Sakata, Yamagata Japan

Mangetsu has a rich history that started in 1960. The name translates to “full moon” and tourists can’t seem to get enough of the ramen that is prepared by the second generation of Mangetsu, Tadashi Saito.

Ramen Restaurants in the World

PhotoCred: Mangetsu

7. Ramen Lab, NY

Ramen Lab is a restaurant incubator and experimental spot where new takes on the classic dish are being concocted. It’s an interesting experience for chefs and visitors who share a passion for ramen, making it one of the most unique places as well.

Ramen Restaurants in the World

PhotoCred: Ramen Lab

6. Jinya Ramen Bar, California

Jinya Ramen Bar was built off the desire for Tomonori Takahashi to enjoy his favorite Japanese meal. In order to fulfill his desire for the dish Takahashi used his knowledge of his father’s hard work in the restaurant business. The result was a successful business with plenty of delicious ramen.

Ramen Restaurants in the World

PhotoCred: Jinya Ramen

5. Misoya, NY

Misoya NY is a ramen/miso restaurant that specializes in three types of miso. You could say the focus here is the brother for sure and the official website of the restaurant gives you a full breakdown of what miso contains and how it is made.

Ramen Restaurants in the World

PhotoCred: Misoya

4. Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum, Yokohama, Japan

For a truly educational and delicious meal of ramen. The Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum is the place to be. As its name suggests, the museum is dedicated to ramen so it serves as a place where ramen lovers can discover the origins and tastes of all types of ramen.

3. Men-Eiji, Japan

In Men-Eiji, ramen lovers can be sure that only the best ingredients are being used for their meal. According to the official webpage, Men-Eiji uses Hokkaido wheat for their noodles which are considers “high-quality” for ramen.

Ramen Restaurants in the World

PhotoCred: Men-Eiji

2. Tsuta

The Tsuta restaurant happens to be a Michelin starred ramen restaurant and is the first ramen restaurant to receive the honor. The restaurant is located in Tokyo and the system in which you must go through to get a seat at the restaurant full reflects that.

Ramen Restaurants in the World

PhotoCred: Ramen Adventures

1. Kagari, Japan

Kagari is located in Ginza, Japan and it specializes in ramen with a creamy chicken broth. The setting along with the attention to detail in the food is heavily addressed in articles that have featured the restaurant. Don’t get confused when you visit as their signs doesn’t say Kagari, however, it does read SOBA.

Ramen Restaurants in the World

PhotoCred: The Japan Times

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