10 Most Hottest Climates In The World

If you’re not a person who loves heat and warm weather, just reading this alone may make you uncomfortable. Around the world there are countries with some of the hottest temperatures and we decided to highlight them in our list of the 10 Most Hottest Climates In The World.

An unexpected summer in New England has got nothing on these countries and if you think the West Coast or the U.S. for that matter makes the list, you might want to guess again. These countries are packing some serious heat, temperature-wise of course.

Some of these countries have climates that are so extreme, it could cause some serious danger. If for some reason you feel the urge to travel to a hot country, you probably want to consider one of these 10 Most Hottest Climates In The World.

10 Most Hottest Climates In The World

10. Mexico

It’s no surprise that Mexico makes this list with it’s arid areas and plenty of dry land. Of course, not all of Mexico is covered with this land, it’s in the more remote areas that many stray away from.

ferocactus hamatacanthus SE New Mex., Mexico Desert Bot. Gardens

ferocactus hamatacanthus
SE New Mex., Mexico Desert Bot. Gardens

9. Sudan 

The 121.3 degrees Fahrenheit recording from Sudan is nothing to mess around with, it was the highest temperature recorded in the country.

8. Somalia

Somalia has reached temperatures well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and we could do without that for sure.


PhotoCred: Kadra2016 (Wikimedia Commons)

7. India

India once reached a record high of 123.1 degrees Fahrenheit which makes for very uncomfortable weather.


6. Oman

Oman has a highest record temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit and quite frankly, anything over 100 degrees Fahrenheit is trouble in our books.


5. Iraq

At one point, Iraq’s hottest temperature was 129.2 degrees Fahrenheit, this is not a temperature you would want to go out and play in at all.


4. Algeria

Algeria is another country where the temperature can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and it does not make for a fun time.

3. Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia reaches temperatures near 120 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s record temperature was 125.6 degrees Fahrenheit in 2010.


2. Ethiopia

Dallol, Ethiopia is one of the hottest places in the world with temperatures averaging 94 degrees Fahrenheit, but reaching well over 100 at times in the day.


1. Libya

At its hottest, Libya has reached approximately 136 degrees Fahrenheit which is just hot enough to cause some serious skin irritation. Among the irritation with exposed skin, you probably would imagine that functioning at such temperatures is quite horrible.


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