10 Most Fragrant Flowers for Your Garden

Most Fragrant Flowers

The sight of the flowers is absolutely a feast in one’s eyes. Also, they add positivity to the surroundings through its pleasant fragrance. You can also check out these most unusual flowers in the world.

Every flower has its own unique smell because they produce a particular chemical compound (which causes its scent) to aid pollen coming from male to the female stigma. Besides, to humans, not every floral scent is pleasant. It is based on the volatile compound that its flower produced.

Below are the 10 most fragrant flowers for your garden.

1. The Rose Flower

Most Fragrant Flowers: rose flower

Without a doubt, roses are the most pleasant smelling type of flower worldwide. It has 100 various species of beautiful roses which can be found in North America, Europe, and Asia. It is one of the commonly found flowers in most gardens all over the world.

This flower comes in a variety of colors pink, yellow, and red. It is widely used in weddings and making perfumes. For skin to naturally grow, rose water is the best therapy. Rose is found to be a sacred flower during ancient Egypt time because it is widely used for creating wreaths for the tombs. Since it has vitamin C, rose flower is used as an herb.

2. The Wisteria Flower

Most Fragrant Flowers: wisteria flower

This climbing blooming plant grows primarily in the U.S, Japan China, and Korea. It opens in stunning pink, white and purple colors. The wisteria flower has grape-like bundles. As it blooms, wisteria produces a sweet pleasant scent.

Not all of the wisteria species produce scent. The Chinese wisteria is the most known pleasant smelling species of the wisteria family. This flower climbs up to the maximum 20 meters in height and spreads 10 meters across. Swapping its stem around various things in its way for this plant to climb.

3. The Frangipani Flower

Most Fragrant Flowers: frangipani flower

Tropical blooming plant frangipani is native to Mexico, South America and the Caribbean and Pacific Island. This is also a national flower in Nicaragua. A known Hawaiian garland flower among tourists because of wider use. Its fragrance becomes intense during the night and it attracts the sphinx moth for the pollination due to its sweet smell.

When it blooms, this flower opens in red, white, yellow, and pink colors. It is primarily used in creating spa and boutiques. Frangipani spa gives immediate relaxation and pleasant scent. Amazingly, this flower will only burn at an extreme temperature which is 500 degrees Celsius.

4. The Chocolate Cosmos Flower

Most Fragrant Flowers: chocolate cosmos

The chocolate cosmos flower is a vanilla scent flower that is reddish brown in color. Its name derived from its chocolate-like color and chocolate-like scent. This flower is commonly found in the region of Mexico and it blooms during night time.

Chocolate cosmos flower makes a much more strong pleasant scent on summer seasons due to the strong heat.

5. The Sweet Alyssum Flower

Most Fragrant Flowers: sweet alyssum flower

This annual flowering plant is natively to the Mediterranean region, it has a tiny flower in dense clusters and it comes in yellowish and white colors. During spring, this flower produces an attractive pleasant scent. The sweet alyssum primarily is used in making bouquets. Its seed may grow from the ground.

6. The Sweet Pea Flower

Sweet Alyssum Flower: sweet pea flower

Found in the Mediterranean region is the annual flowering plant called the sweet pea flower. This flower possesses an intense fragrance and it grows wide up to 2.4 inches and has white, deep red, and yellow colors. This flower blooms during winter and spring and makes an intense pleasant smell.

This flower is usually seen in popular gardens because it is known for its strong smell and it is widely used in creating boutiques too.

7. The Lily of The Valley Flower

Sweet Alyssum Flower: lily of the valley flower

Found widely in the Northern hemisphere particularly in Asia. This exquisite flower belongs in lily family and known for its beauty and pleasant smell. It has a nodding bell appearance.

Lily of the valley flower has a sweet smell that’s why it is utilized in making perfumes. Also, this flower is used as an herb for fever and for burning.

8. The Four O’ Clock Flower

Sweet Alyssum Flower: four o'clock flower

This flower belongs to the group of mirabilis which grows across the whole word. The name four o’ clock flower was given because of its blooming nature in the evening which eventually continues through the night. It also emits strong fragrance upon blooming and its scent remains throughout the surroundings until the warm ceases.

It grows in a variety of colors, in various combinations of white, yellow and pink. Amazingly, this flower can bloom in different colors in only one plant.

9. The Gardenia Flower

Sweet Alyssum Flower: gardenia flower

Gardenia is native to the tropical regions in South Asia, Africa, and Australia. It has a waxy scent and it belongs to the group of the coffee family. Its name was obtained after a well-known botanist, Scottish Alexander Garden.

With its fragrance and beauty, this flower is widely used at wedding ceremonies and worn as boutonnieres in France. Gardenia is also used to produce perfumes and as an herb in numerous places all over the world.

10. The Jasmine Flower

Most Fragrant Flowers: jasmine flower

Another well-known flower that has a pleasant smell worlwide is the jasmine flower. This tiny, beautiful flower is native among the tropical region worldwide. It blooms in yellowish and white colors. Jasmine flowers are widely used to produce cosmetics, perfumes. It is also used for aromatherapy and in ceremonies.

Dried jasmine flower is used for making a tea in Gulf regions. This flower blooms in summer and spring. Jasmine produces a strong fragrance during night time, particularly on full moon.

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