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10 Most Common Reasons Why Keto Diet Is Not For You

Most Common Reasons Why Keto Diet Is Not For You - high fat consumption

The Ketogenic Diet, commonly called Keto, is a diet focused on an extreme deficit of carbohydrates intake. Its macros are mainly fat with 70% of it, 5% carbohydrates, and 25% protein, thus gaining its other name LCHF or low carbs, high-fat diet. The human body uses carbs or glucose to do its daily activities. However, since there is a deficit in...

10 Most Destructive Typhoons

Most destructive typhoons - Haiyan

A general term to describe a rotating, coordinated structure of clouds with thunderstorms – that starts over subtropical or tropical waters with a closed low-level atmospheric circulation. Tropical cyclones refer both to typhoons and hurricanes. The hurricane is meant for the tropical cyclones which form in the Northeast Pacific and North...

10 Most Amazing Facts About Teeth

Most Amazing Facts About Teeth - You have teeth as unique as you

You might think ancient people didn’t care about their dental health, unlike the present people, due to the lack of records of having dentists in the past. However, despite the lack of dentists, people have been concerned about their teeth since 500 BC. Ancient Greeks and Romans used mixtures with crushed coral powder and iron rust to clean...

10 Most Popular Pasta Shapes

Most Popular Pasta Shapes - Pappardelle

There can be no mistake when it comes to pasta. From throwing a birthday party to cooking for your children, pasta is totally a people pleaser because of the unending flavor combinations and versatility. Have you heard that approximately there are 350 different kinds of pasta? And that’s plenty of noodles! Which of the pasta shapes are...

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

Most Expensive Restaurants - Restaurant Le Meurice

Millions of expenditure on construction and design, hiring top-notch employees, and choosing the highest quality of ingredients are what restaurants do to earn their valuable reputation in the food industry. If you want to experience the ultimate lavish dining experience, then check out these restaurants. You might be wondering why some of the...

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