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10 Cheapest Dogs You Can Have

Cheapest Dogs - Labrador Retriever

One of the things most kids ask their mom is an adorable puppy. However, one must consider factors before choosing and buying a pup, such as the expenses you have to face in the long run. There is nothing cheaper than owning a pooch from the animal’s shelter. However, some people prefer a certain breed than others based on the ease of taking...

10 Most Common Reasons Why We Love Coffee

Most Common Reasons Why We Love Coffee - coffee can lower the risk of certain health diseases

More than 80% of the adult population in the United States loves to drink coffee. With a ratio of 9 out 10 people in the said country who drinks coffee is an obvious sign that this energy drink is deeply cherished and loved by people. Well, who can blame them when there are a lot of reasons to love this classic drink? Here is a list of the top...

10 Most Powerful Witches from Harry Potter

Most Powerful Witches from Harry Potter

Harry Potter is one of the series that people really loved. A lot of people grew up watching and reading its series. From the whimsical world it creates, up to the magical spells it casts, it makes sense why many people can’t forget it. Below are the 10 most powerful witches from Harry Potter: 1. Hermione Granger Hermione is not only the...

10 Most Expensive Plants

Most Expensive Plants - Lisianthus

The most intricate gifts that nature have given to us are plants. These lovely plants can even give us rare flowers which we can use in various ways such as using it to give a lovely present for our loved ones or keep them as decorative plants. We have prepared a list of 10 most expensive plants for you. 1. Kadapul Flower (priceless) This is the...

10 Most Creative Uses for Your Pumpkins

Most Creative Uses for Your Pumpkins - Pumpkin Cocktail

What did you do with those jack-o-lanterns you have carved during Halloween? With all the money, hard work and love you have exerted, it will be a waste to just throw those things out. However, you don’t have to throw your effort with the pumpkin you have used next time because it’s a very versatile food. Aside from being tasty, a lot...

10 Most Popular Halloween Candies in the US

Most Popular Halloween Candies

Do you know the most popular candies in the US during Halloween? Check out our list below! 1. Skittles Taste the rainbows with the diversity of flavors that Skittles offer. Skittles already offer tropical flavors, which are the request of everyone adding to the original flavors of lemon, grape, lime, orange, and cherry. More than 200 million...

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