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10 Most Popular Pasta Shapes

Most Popular Pasta Shapes - Pappardelle

There can be no mistake when it comes to pasta. From throwing a birthday party to cooking for your children, pasta is totally a people pleaser because of the unending flavor combinations and versatility. Have you heard that approximately there are 350 different kinds of pasta? And that’s plenty of noodles! Which of the pasta shapes are...

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

Most Expensive Restaurants - Restaurant Le Meurice

Millions of expenditure on construction and design, hiring top-notch employees, and choosing the highest quality of ingredients are what restaurants do to earn their valuable reputation in the food industry. If you want to experience the ultimate lavish dining experience, then check out these restaurants. You might be wondering why some of the...

10 Most Helpful Effects of Drinking Coffee

Most Helpful Effects of Drinking Coffee - Live longer

Whether it’s with milk, bold, iced or hot, coffee is already a staple in the majority of one’s diet. Drinking coffee gives us a morning boost and is utilized in social gatherings at small-scale or big cafe businesses. Frankly speaking, it isn’t just for social benefit but for coffee lovers, it is a ritual. Anywhere around the...

10 Most Expensive Wood in the World

Most Expensive Wood - Dalbergia

One doesn’t have to be an expert just to know whether a wood is expensive or not. There are several factors that can affect the value of wood, but the topmost reason is usually how rare it is to find. Fortunate for Africa and India for being the place where the most costly woods can be found. Aside from the test of exceptionality...

10 Most Dangerous Mountains in the World

Most Dangerous Mountains - Matterhorn

Whether you like it or not, this article containing a morbid account of ascending the most dangerous mountains also has several interesting nuggets. Check it out to know the full scoop about these 10 most dangerous mountains. 1. Mt. Everest at the border of Nepal and China (29,029 ft) With regards to Mt. Everest’s marquee status, it is easy...

10 Most Interesting Vegan Facts

Vegan Facts

Living a vegan life is healthy, and it also benefits the environment. However, are you familiar with the interesting facts of this trending lifestyle? Some might astonish you! These facts may persuade you and stay vegan all the way. 1. Up to 80% of food poisoning cases are linked to infected meat.   2. A population of 1.3 billion would...

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