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10 Canada’s Most Dangerous Wild Animals

Canada Most Dangerous Wild Animals

For approximately 9.9 million sq. km., Canada is well known for its mesmerizing landscape with millions of people and wildlife array. Nevertheless, some of the animals found in the country are not human-friendly. These animals are observed to be hazardous including the bears (grizzly, polar, black), moose, prairie rattlesnake, and a lot more...

10 Common Lies of Women in Relationships

Common Lies of Women

There are times that lying is necessary especially if it means protecting someone else’s feelings or saving themselves. It doesn’t matter whether it is a white lie or a total deceit, being untruthful in between couples is definitely a detrimental factor that will affect their relationship. Both have the capability to lie towards their...

10 Most Expensive Cars in the World

Most Expensive Cars

With modern design technologies today, the most extravagant cars are more than just a mode of transport. These are great art masterpieces showcasing the human ingenuity and the love for anything fancy! Here are some of the most luxurious dream cars that 99% of the world population are salivating about. Which is your top pick?   10. Zenvo ST1...

10 Most Popular Food Rivalries

Food Rivalries

Competition will always be a part of our daily existence. In the world of marketing, it is one of the core principles. It is constant. It is fierce. The drive to be on the top, to be the best product or service, is compelling. The most visible manifestation of this core principle is in the business of food. Here are the top 10 most popular food...

10 Most Expensive Body Parts Insured

Most Expensive Body Parts Insured

If you depend on your essential body to get your job done, sometimes some parts of it can become extremely important. One tea specialist insured his tongue for an unbelievable £1 million ($1.5 million), but he is not the only one. Many other people and famous people decided to get their specific part of the body to get insured. Here is the list of...

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