10 Most Populated Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean is one of the most popular areas for tourists to gather and soak up the sun but what about the people who already live there? We decided to create a list of the 10 Most Populated Caribbean Islands to give you a little insight into just how big these islands may be in terms of their inhabitants.

The Caribbean islands are filled with a plethora of cultures and influences from all over the world. They are where some of the most eclectic groups exist or have gathered over centuries. Together they have mixed and created customs that are unique to the location but still welcome tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of the islands.

There are some people out there who travel to Caribbean islands for seclusion and an escape from the hustle and bustle of packed cities in their own location. If you’re one of those people, you might want to scan this list to make sure you’re not going somewhere too heavily populated. You can check out our list of the 10 Most Populated Caribbean Islands below.

(Populations as of 2016)

10 Most Populated Caribbean Islands

10. Barbados

Population: 285,006

Barbados is pretty low on the population list. While it is home to Rihanna, one of the biggest musical acts, it is an extremely popular tourist destination and would be perfect for those looking for a balance of seclusion and beauty.

Populated Caribbean

9. Bahamas

Population: 392,718

Despite being one of the biggest tourist destinations on the Caribbean, the Bahamas is a small island with a pretty tiny population of just a mear 392,718 people in 2016.

Populated Caribbean

8. Martinique

Population: 396,364

Martinique is one of the two most heavily populated French islands in the Caribbean making it a pretty nice pick for a secluded getaway.

Populated Caribbean

7. Guadeloupe

Population: 470,547

Guadeloupe is the second of the two French colonized islands on this list and it’s beauty is definitely apparent from it’s scenic spots.

Populated Caribbean

6. Trinidad and Tobago

Population: 1,364,973

Just missing out in the top five is Trinidad and Tobago which is a big tourist destination but doesn’t quite top our next destination on the list.

Populated Caribbean

5. Jamaica

Population: 2,803,362

The home country of reggae legend Bob Marley 10 Most Populated Caribbean Countries list. Know for it’s lush sandy beaches, easy-going lifestyle and plenty of resorts to keep you busy, it’s no shocker that people love to visit.

Populated Caribbean

4. Puerto Rico

Population: 3,680,772

Despite being a U.S. territory, Puerto Rico is still very much a part of the Caribbean. The heavy Spanish influence is still there and like all of the top five islands on our list, it’s heavily trafficked by tourists.

Populated Caribbean

3. Dominican Republic

Population: 10,648,613

It may be hard to believe, but the Dominican Republic is one of the top three largest populated islands in the Caribbean.

Populated Caribbean

2. Haiti

Population: 10,848,175

Despite it’s reputation for having a very high poverty rate, Haiti is still a beautiful place filled with beautiful people.

Populated Caribbean

1. Cuba

Population: 11,392,889

Believe it or not, Cuba boasts the highest population in the Caribbean. It’s filled with beautiful beaches and friendly people who have been welcoming tourists especially after they restored their ties with the U.S.

Populated Caribbean

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