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10 Best Countries to Find Street Art

Street Art

Street art while illegal, gives artists a way to use the world as their canvas. Countless amounts of beautiful works of art have all been created on buildings for the world to see. The street art phenomenon is certainly not limited to one place. It’s a globally recognized scene with plenty of underground artists like Alec Monopoly, Cope2 and...

10 Best Attractions In Porto

Best Attractions In Porto

Porto or Oporto is the second largest city in Portugal, after the capital Lisbon. Located in Northern Portugal, It sits on the mouth of the Douro river, just before the river ends at the Atlantic Ocean. The city has a rich history that you will encounter wherever you go. Porto is also home to the world famous Port Wine, which is also one of the...

10 Best Attractions In Lisbon

Best Attractions In Lisbon

Lisbon, or Lisboa as it’s locally called, is the capital and largest city of Portugal. It is nicknamed “The City of Seven Hills” and for a good reason – the old city is built on 7 steep hills – which promises you both wonderful views of the city from different view points, as well as gasping and sore feet   1...

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