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10 Awesome Water Attractions to See in Iceland

Water Attractions to See in Iceland

Iceland is a pretty mysterious country to some. Contrary to what you might think when you hear the name Iceland, the country is rich in greenery and water as opposed to ice. While there are many things to see in Iceland, the water attractions reign supreme. We decided to compile the 10 Awesome Water Attractions to See in Iceland for those looking...

10 Great Hot Springs You Can Bathe In

Hot Springs

A hot spring or a thermal lake is a body of water heated by geothermal groundwater. Such hot springs exists all over the world, but you can’t really bathe in many of them, either due to access issues, or because the water is just way too hot or contains dangerous compositions. We gathered a list of 10 great hot springs you can actually bathe...

10 Most Famous Fountains In The World

Most Famous Fountains

1. Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas, United States The Fountains of Bellagio are huge fountains located on a manmade lake in front of the Bellagio hotel. The fountains feature a vast choreographed water performances set to light and music. The performances take place in front of the Bellagio hotel and are visible from the strip. The show takes place...

10 Most Amazing Waterfalls In The World

Most Amazing Waterfalls

While this list of waterfalls is subjective, there’s no arguing that all the waterfalls in this list are incredible. You can add more waterfalls you think are amazing in the comments area 1. Iguazu Falls, South America. These falls are located on the border of Argentina and Brazil and are one of the new 7 wonders of the world. Its brink...

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