10 Amazing Saint Tropez Attractions

Just West of Nice, France is a hip town with that is plentiful in history. It happens to be a hotspot for vacationing. If you find yourself there, you might want to check out some of these 10 Amazing Saint Tropez Attractions.

Saint Tropez is located right off of the French Riviera, which is also shared by Monaco. These areas are often packed with tourist because of the beautiful weather and ambiance. Saint Tropez is known for a level of opulence.

Saint Tropez features plenty of entertainment for visitors and it is easy to see why people can’t get enough. There isn’t one place in this town where you can’t learn, enjoy an awesome view or have a great time. You can check out our list of 10 Amazing Saint Tropez Attractions below.

10 Amazing Saint Tropez Attractions

10. Escalet Beach

For a little sun and maybe a chance to run into and chat with the locals, a trip to Escalet Beach in Saint Tropez is a must.

Saint Tropez

Photocred: Lucas Mevius

9. Vieux Port

For a little history of the old ports area, Vieux Port is the place to be. You can marvel at the old fishing boats while enjoying the fine cuisine and colorful atmosphere.

Saint Tropez

Photocred: Starus

8. Musée de I’Annonciade

Here you can view some of the most amazing works of art from Saint Tropez’s finest. From there on you can continue to discover the deep-rooted history and much more.

Saint Tropez

Photocred: Jacques CHAILLET

7. Butterfly Museum

The butterfly museum in Saint Tropez is one of the most marvelous places to visit. Here you can find beautiful butterflies from a collector and creator of the museum by the name of Dany Lartigue.

Saint Tropez

6. Historic Center

In the historic center of Saint Tropez, you can enrich your mind while still enjoying all that the center has to offer.

Saint Tropez

Photocred: FranceThisWay

5. Place des Lices

The marketplaces in every country happens to be quite the unique experience. The same can be said for the incredible Places des Lices area in Saint Tropez.

Saint Tropez

Photocred: TripAdvisor

4. Citadelle de Saint Tropez

Within the Citadelle de Saint Tropez is a Naval Museum rich with history. You will learn just how important this Citadelle was defensively and much more.

Saint Tropez

Photocred:Mister No

3. La Ponche

La Ponche happens to be one of the most unique and beautiful hotel experiences. The waterside and view is absolutely breathtaking.

Saint Tropez

Photocred: François de Dijon

2. Sentier du Littoral

Peace and serenity can be found at the Sentier du Littoral, located not too far from the impressive Citadelle.

Saint Tropez

Photocred: jeffwarder

1. Saint Tropez Harbor

The Saint Tropez Harbor is an amazing place to see some massive yachts, some pretty flashy cars and a pretty opulent area.

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