10 Great Activities to Help you Kill the Time during Long-Haul Flights

You might think you know how to entertain yourself, but when you’re on a long-haul flight you can prepare ahead to make sure you have the most pleasant flight possible. If you don’t close your eyes the moment you take off until the moment you touch down, you can kill time with some of these fun and useful activities.

1. Audiobooks, Podcasts and Reading

Boredom can be the most difficult challenge on a long-haul flight. You can spend time listening to fun or interesting podcasts or listen to audio books. It is also a great idea to take a regular paper book with you. At times you might not be able to connect to the internet or your battery might be low or maybe you simply love the feel of a good old paper book in your hands. Reading or listening to books is the perfect activity while you are winging your way across the world.

2. Play Travel Games

If you are traveling with family or friends, you can bring travel games along with you. This is a great way to connect and to pass the time. It is especially useful to bring mini games when you are traveling with children. There are many choices out there, but some of the popular travel games include chess, backgammon, Scrabble, snakes and ladders, and 4 in a row. You can even get travel sets with 3 in 1 games that can include chess, draughts, and backgammon all in one small magnetic set.

3. Play Online Games

Browse the Net and Play Online Slots – Today, many popular airlines have wi-fi available during flights, especially if it’s a long-haul one. So whether you want to check your work or personal email, browse the net or chat with friends and family to let them know your travels are safe – technological advancement has afforded us to stay in touch. You can even play your favorite slot game at Pokie Pop Casino using an exclusive bonus. This way, not only are you passing the time, but you’re trying your luck at winning big!

4. Get Some Sleep

Traveling can be fun and it can also be exhausting. If you can sleep on an airplane, this is not only a great way to pass the time, you will also feel better by the time you reach your destination. Make sure to be prepared for a good nap with an eye mask and a neck pillow. Take your own with you unless you are sure the airline gives them to passengers.

5. Shopping

Duty free shopping or even shopping online will keep you busy. Duty free prices are usually good value, so if you want some perfume, expensive alcohol at better prices, travel gadgets, gifts for yourself or those you are about to see, then get shopping!

6. Catch Up On Movies and TV Shows

Did somebody say binge watch?! Since you have nothing else you have to do while you are flying, you can catch up on movies or binge watch TV shows guilt-free. Remember that there is also in-flight entertainment so if you don’t have something specific to watch, there will usually be choices available for you.

7. Get Creative

Sometimes you need to relax and do something off screens. Both adults and children enjoy coloring in as a fun pastime and a great way to relieve stress. Make sure to bring what you need with you in case you can’t find the supplies you want at the airport. You can also do other crafting activities as long as you don’t disturb the other passengers.

8. Get Productive

If you are going on a business trip, you may have work you need to complete before you arrive, or you might just find the flight a good time to focus without the usual distractions of life. Even if you are heading off for some fun in the sun, spend a little time tying up loose ends for work on the flight so you don’t have to work on your vacation.

9. Prepare for Your Trip

If you are traveling to a country with a different language, the time you have on the flight is a great time to learn useful phrases for when you arrive. You can also plan your trip or go over your plans to ensure you have not missed anything. If you are looking for activities to do at your destination, you can bring a travel book with you or you can look at online travel guides.

10. Be Healthy

Make sure you walk around when you can or do gentle exercises in your seat. Try and do some stretches every hour or two. Not only does it keep you busy, it is also important for your health. Moving around helps prevent blood clots and keeps your muscles from aching. You can also listen to relaxation techniques on an app or you can download it to your phone or tablet before you travel. This can help you sleep or destress which is just another way to look out for your health.

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