10 Most Awesome Restaurants In New Hampshire

The Northeast is not always the first place that is associated with immaculate cuisine. You will find that it very well should be and we decided to zero in on theĀ 10 Most Awesome Restaurants In New Hampshire.

New Hampshire

From rustic eateries to diners that have the ultimate comfort foods, New Hampshire has it all. Just as we did with our Connecticut list, we decided the best restaurants should be based on the ratings given by people who have visited these beautiful eateries.

These restaurants are nothing under 4 star ratings from Google reviews. These are the spots that visitors are choosing as their must eat spots. Check out our list of theĀ 10 Most Awesome Restaurants In New Hampshire.

10 Most Awesome Restaurants In New Hampshire

10. Common Man Restaurant

The Common Man Restaurant in Concord New Hampshire does an exemplary job of fusing classic meals with new flare. It’s a fairly new restaurant as it opened its doors in 2000.

9. Surf Restaurant

With a name like Surf, you can expect all of your seafood favorites to be featured on this menu. Do not sleep on the seafood in New Hampshire it’s among some of the best you can find.

8. Cotton

Hidden in Manchester, New Hampshire is an exquisite dining experience led by award-winning chef, Jeffrey Paige. This restaurant goes by the name of Cotton and is a must in your list of eateries to visit in New Hampshire.

7. Library Restaurant

There is a must-visit restaurant by the name of The Library and it’s so rustic and perfect you won’t know how to handle yourself.

6. Red Arrow Diner

Red Arrow Diner has some of the best breakfast food you could ever want, along with some other delicious items. There are four locations and each just as tasty.

5. The Barley House

The Barley House isn’t just an awesome place to grab a meal, it’s an even more awesome place to grab a beer for sure.

4. Puritan Backroom Restaurant

Puritan Backroom Restaurant earned itself a 4.3 rating from Google reviewers and we’d like to think that their ice cream is one of the major reasons for sure.

3. Republic

Republic is making a huge name for themselves with locations all over New England. They have a location in Connecticut, as well as many other states.

2. Mombo

Mombo is not only a popular spot for weddings. You can enjoy some pretty high class meals and walk away more than satisfied.

1. La Carreta

La Carreta may not seem like a top suggestion but it is a fan favorite among spots in New Hampshire. Check out their menu and you’re bound to see why.

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