10 Best Attractions In Bangkok

Attractions In Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital and the most populated city in Thailand with more than 8 million residents in the city itself and over 14.5 million in its metropolitan area. Bangkok is also one of the world’s top tourist destination cities with almost 16 million tourists visiting it each year. The city is so big and has so much to offer, so we picked the best attractions for a first time visitor

1. Wat Arun

Wat Arun, meaning “Temple of Dawn”, is a Buddhist temple situated on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. It is considered one of the most beautiful and unique temples in Bangkok. With a beautiful design, a riverside location and a great view from the its top (you’ll have to climb some steep steps), Wat Arun is a great place to start your visit in Bangkok. Wat Arun is located just across the river from Wat Pho (see bellow), so you can visit them both together. To cross the river there’s a shuttle every few minutes

Attractions In Bangkok

Best Attractions In Bangkok: Wat Arun

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2. Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaew

Located in the old city area, the Grand Palace is the most famous landmark in Bangkok. It was built in 1782 and was the home of the Thai King for 150 years. There are several impressive buildings within the Grand Palace complex, the most important would be Wat Phra Kaew, which means “Temple of the Emerald Buddha”. In order to enter the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew you must follow a dress code: men must wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts and shoes, while women must wear long skirts. You may rent appropriate clothing items outside the palace if you are dressed otherwise

Attractions In Bangkok

Best Attractions In Bangkok: Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaew

3. Chatuchak Weekend Market

The largest market in Thailand and the world’s largest weekend market. This world famous market contains almost 15,000 stalls and is visited by some 200,000 visitors each day it is open! It is one of Bangkok major tourists attraction and is probably visited by almost every tourist visiting the city. It is one of the most famous street markets in the world

Attractions In Bangkok

Best Attractions In Bangkok: Chatuchak Weekend Market

4. Wat Pho

Wat Pho, or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, is another beautiful temple located in the old city of Bangkok. It is popular for its giant reclining Buddha which is 46 metres long! Wat Pho is just a short walking distance from the Grand Palace and just across the river from Wat Arun, so you could cover all those amazing places together

Best Attractions In Bangkok: Wat Pho

Best Attractions In Bangkok: Wat Pho

5. Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya river flows through Bangkok before it continues to the Gulf of Thailand. It is the most important feature of the city and taking a tour on a long tail boat or cruise on the river is a very recommended experience that can help you understand what Bangkok is all about. On one hand huge skyscrapers along the river and on the other hand, on the sideways small canals, some locals live in floating wooden houses

Attractions In Bangkok

Best Attractions In Bangkok: Chao Phraya River

6. Floating Market

A floating market is a market where the goods, mostly fruits, vegetables and cooked Thai food are sold right off the boat. The most famous floating market is the Domnoen Saduak floating market, located in Ratchaburi, close to Bangkok. You cruise the narrow canals of the market with a guided tour boat, and even though the market is packed with tourists, the atmosphere is great. The entire visit, heading from Bangkok to the market and back should take around half a day

Best Attractions In Bangkok: Floating Market

Best Attractions In Bangkok: Floating Market

7. Khaosan Road

Perhaps the most famous street in Bangkok, Khaosan is a short street, about 1 km north of the Grand Palace. The street offers cheap accommodation mainly for backpackers and other on-budget travelers, many travel agencies that can help you with your every wish, shops that sell just about everything, and at night the street accommodates some bars

Attractions In Bangkok

Best Attractions In Bangkok: Khaosan Road

8. MBK Center

Bangkok is known as a great place for shopping and the MBK is one of the largest shopping centers in it. The MBK has 8 stories and around 2,000 shops and restaurants, and around 100,000 daily visitors! The stores in the center sell both authentic and knockoff goods, so make sure you get what you pay for!

Best Attractions In Bangkok: MBK Center

Best Attractions In Bangkok: MBK Center

9. Yaowarat Road (Chinatown)

Yaowarat road is home to Bangkok’s Chinatown. It is a popular tourist attraction and very famous for its many restaurants

Attractions In Bangkok

Best Attractions In Bangkok: Yaowarat Road (Chinatown)

10. Jim Thompson House

Jim Thompson was an American businessman who owned a silk company and as a hobby had a big collection of Southeast Asian art. Today the house along with the impressive collection are a museum, and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand. The visit inside the house is by a guided tour

Best Attractions In Bangkok: Jim Thompson House

Best Attractions In Bangkok: Jim Thompson House

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