10 Most Breathtaking Christmas Lights Displays In The US

christmas lights displays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, yep, Christmas is here and with it we decided we would try and point you in the direction of the 10 Most Breathtaking Christmas Lights Displays In The U.S. This arguably one of the most festive holidays ever and you’ll notice that your neighbors are going all out on their homes. However, there are places across the U.S. that specialize in creating Christmas wonderlands.

christmas lights displays

The beautiful lights on your trees that are decorated with all sorts of ornaments are lovely and the lights and displays on your homes are awesome however, some people enjoy this holiday and jump to the opportunity to show off their originality.

These moments lead to some of the biggest organized Christmas lights displays across the U.S. and some may be even be in a city or state near you. There are countless amounts of these displays but we hesitantly narrowed it down to 10. You can check out the 10 Most Breathtaking Christmas Lights Displays In The U.S. list below.

10 Most Breathtaking Christmas Lights Displays In The U.S.

10. Freedom Trail Holiday Stroll

The Freedom Trail Holiday Stroll is a good way to learn a little history while taking in a perfectly lit trail in Boston.

Christmas Lights Displays

9. Glittering Lights Las Vegas

Las Vegas Motor Speedway is home to the Glittering Lights Las Vegas attraction that brings that Christmas spirit right into the hearts of visits.

Christmas Lights Displays

8. Bellingrath Gardens and Home

The Bellingrath Gardens and Home display is simply gorgeous and thanks to the lovely gardens and home with tons of character, you simply believe you are looking at art.

Christmas Lights Displays

PhotoCred: Jorg Hackemann / Shutterstock.com

7. Holiday Festival of Lights

Charleston’s Holiday Festival of Lights is extra special because it is a community event and you get to enjoy these beautiful lights with people who truly care about their community.

Christmas Lights Displays

PhotoCred: Piwakawaka

6. Hartford Holiday Light Fantasia

Hartford, Connecticut’s downtown area transforms in a winter wonderland for the holidays and the Holiday Light Fantasia trails is absolutely gorgeous.

Christmas Lights Displays

Photo Cred: Laura Stone

5. Candy Cane Lane

Christmas is California anyone? Some of us just want to spend Christmas is a sunny and warm place, while still enjoying the festive lights. In the unofficially named, Candy Cane Lane area, you’re bound to have those wishes come true.

4. Lights of Dyker Heights

Just when you think Rockefeller Center is the most Christmassy New York area, along comes Brooklyn and the Lights of Dyker Heights which receives praise for its displays year after year.

Christmas Lights Displays

PhotoCred: DiegoMariottini

3. Lights on the Bay

Here is another opportunity to visit another beautiful state that knows how to light it up. Maryland’s Lights on the Bay is a gorgeous display in one of the most perfect, picturesque settings.

Christmas Lights Displays

PhotoCred: Sean Pavone

2. Disney’s Holiday D-Lights

Disney is full of lights year round, however, their holiday lights are spectacular. This year, Magic Kingdom’s castle is being transformed into a Frozen themed light display that is absolutely breathtaking.

Christmas Lights Displays

PhotoCred: Disney

1. Trail of Lights

Everything is bigger in Texas right? Well the Austin Trail of lights is no different. Traveling through this seemingly endless display of lights will totally put you into the Christmas spirit and make you feel like a kid again.

Christmas Lights Displays

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