10 Most Dog-Friendly Places in the US

Most Dog-Friendly Places -Dallas Texas

It is heartbreaking to see our man’s best friend being tied up outside and not being welcomed inside a coffee shop. It is unfortunate to see these cute furry animals not being treated the way they should be.

We list down the places which are definitely dog-friendly where you can take your best friend.

1. Tampa, Florida

Most Dog-Friendly Places - Tampa Florida

If you are a beach lover as well as your pet, then this place is surely for you. Tampa in Florida offers Picnic Island Beach Dog Park and David Island Dog Beach where your dog can play with the waves freely. You can pick up food in the town at Farmacy Vegan Kitchen and Ginger Bread Coffee or celebrate your pet’s day with a beer party in the garden at c. 1949.

2. Arlington, Virginia

Most Dog-Friendly Places - Arlington Virginia

If you’re from Virginia, then this is definitely a good news for you as you can find around 8 dog parks alongside the dog-friendly cafes and restaurants. Just head across the Potomac River towards Arlington so you can grab a bite at Paramount Cafe or even go in The Celtic House Irish Pub as a date with your pet.

3. West Hollywood, California

Most Dog-Friendly Places - West Hollywod California

Welcome to one of the best dog-friendly places in California, West Hollywood, where dogs can experience running on a water fountain and artificial turf specially designed for them. You can even enjoy curries with your dog at Flavor of India, a Thai breakfast at Otis Thai Kitchen & Coffee or even take a sip of turmeric latte in these hottest places in town.

4. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Most Dog-Friendly Places - Colororado Springs Colorado

Colorado is a spacious place and an ideal destination for you and your dog. Bear Creek Dog Park with not less than 10 acreages of land is the size of the most pet-friendly park in the city; a perfect place for your dogs to play. If you want a good walk, you can bring your dogs to Broadmoor Seven Falls Cheyenne Mountain State Park. You can enjoy your breakfast with your dog outside at the Monse Pupuseria. Before going home, you and your furry friend may linger at the Axe and Oak Whiskey House or Carbonella Creation and enjoy the best pizza and drinks they have on their menu.

5. Dallas, Texas

Most Dog-Friendly Places -Dallas Texas

With the scorching heat of Texas, Dallas offers a variety of restaurants to combat this heat while having a date with your dog. If you’re a fan of pics then try the food that Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar offers along with drinks or if your dog is fond of Lebanese cuisine, then go for Open Sesame, which is definitely a master of this. Surely, you don’t want your best friend to get obese with all those calories so take a run and enjoy the place of white Rock Lake or take a dip at the lake to brusk off the heat.

6. Phoenix, Arizona

Most Dog-Friendly Places - Phoenix Arizona

Wandering with your dogs outside in the burning hot weather of Arizona might not be good for your pet. It is a good thing that there are several establishments where you and your furry friend can relax. Enjoy the best tacos and burgers offered at The Dressing Room. Get some smoothie to cool down from the heat at Tres Leches Cafe or if you can visit Rott ‘n Grapes if you are in a mood for some wine.

7. Seattle, Washington

Most Dog-Friendly Places - Seattle Washington

Seattle is another most dog-friendly city in the U.S.–the number of dogs which is greater than the statistics of children in this city is just one of the reasons why Seattle in Washington made its way on the top ten on the list. From the most well-known park in the city (Magnuson Park) to the Lake Washington beach where your dog is free to roam and play around. Furthermore, Gyro Time, Steepologie, and Biscuit and Zen are just some of the places where you and your furry friend might enjoy visiting.

8. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Most Dog-Friendly Places - Minneapolis Minnesota

The hospitality in this city is also extended to the dogs in Minnesota. Several parks, boutiques, orchids, breweries and farmers’ market where your pets are welcome can be found in the Minneapolis-St. Paul’s Twin Cities. You can bring your dog to the Mojo Coffee Gallery where you can enjoy the different artworks and masterpieces by the people in Minnesota while drinking your favorite caffeine. You can also visit the Town Talk Diner and Gastropub, and end your day at the Cave Vin by having delicious dessert and wine.

9. Portland, Oregon

Most Dog-Friendly Places - Portland Oregon

If your dog has a broad taste, then take him to the Portland of Oregon where a dog can have fun in bars. This place isn’t just unique but dog-friendly as well. You can also enjoy PDX sliders’ mini hamburgers, have some pasta in Gumba or take a bite of taco while enjoying the view outside the MF Tasty.

10. Jersey City, New Jersey

Most Dog-Friendly Places - Jersey City New Jersey

You may be surprised that there is a specific place in New Jersey that is located near the Hudson River where your dogs can freely run and roam around. Latham House, Hidden Grounds Coffee, and the Cliff are just some of the establishments located in New Jersey that warmly welcome dogs.

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