10 Coldest Places in the World

Coldest Places in the World

Do you want to know the coldest places on earth? Pretty sure you wouldn’t like to reside there! Below are the places with recorded lowest temperature on earth ever!

1. Eureka – Canada

A small research base, Eureka, is located in the Canadian territory of Nunavut and has only eight rotating population. They receive supplies by air every one to two weeks. Eureka’s annual average temperature is -18.8 ° C.

Coldest Places in the World - Eureka

2. Rogers Pass – USA

The Rogers Pass in Montana, USA, is the warmest place on this list. It is 5,610m above sea level and has a temperature of 0° C to 10° C during January.

3. Prospect Creek – Alaska, USA

Would you believe that the temperature in Prospect Creek drops to -10°? On January 23, 1971, it was declared the coldest area in the United States where it reached an average temperature of -62.2°C

4. Stanley – United States

The town of Stanley, which has only 63 population, is one of the coldest places on earth. The temperature in this place can drop to 8°C in December. And can reach an average temperature of 28°C in July.

5. Snag – Yukon, Canada

One of the places with the lowest temperature can be found in the North American continent – in a small valley of Snag. With an average high temperature of 0° C and low temperature can drop to -12.2°C

Coldest Places in the World - Snag


6. Oymyakon – Russia

The average temperature in the months of January, February and December in Oymyakon is -50° C. And remains below 0° C in late September until mid-April. The coldest recorded temperature (in Northern Hemisphere) was on February 6, 1933, where it dropped to -67.7° C.

Coldest Places in the World - Oymyakon


7. Eismitte – Greenland

Eismitte means “ice-center” in the German language. No doubt, this place is notably cold! It is an expedition site in the early 30s where the German scientist Alfred Wegener died. The annual average temperature is -30 ° C. The warmest month is in July with an average temperature of -12.2 ° C.

Coldest Places in the World - Oymyakon

8. Ulaanbaatar – Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, the largest city of Mongolia, is absolutely the most populated place on this list. Ulaanbaatar is considered the coldest capital in the world during winter. It has an average temperature of -24.5° C in January and it was in January 2001 when it reached a temperature of -45° C.

Coldest Places in the World - Ulaanbaatar

9. Vostok, Antarctica

One of the freezing places in the world is Vostok in Antarctica. with the average temperature of approximately -65 ° C from April to October. During the warm season of November to March, the average temperature is about -42° C.

Coldest Places in the World - Vostok

10. Northern Ice, Greenland

From 1952 to 1954, it was a research station of the British North Greenland Expedition in Greenland. The lowest temperature being recorded was on January 9, 1954, when it reached -66.1° C.

Coldest Places in the World - North Ice

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