10 Most Outstanding Inventions that Changed the World

Most Outstanding Inventions - Printing Press

Can you imagine what our lives would be right now without the certain inventions of people with great minds? Maybe we would still be a quill and ink to write with a candle on our table instead of using a computer to write our thoughts and a fluorescent light. Life would be difficult for us without the inventions we are enjoying today.

Check the list of these 10 things with the most impact on our society that we can’t surely live without.

1. Internet

Most Outstanding Inventions - Internet

The impact that the internet brought in our world is something that we can’t deny. Be it in economics, art, communication, or business, internet had become a great help. It made us connected with people no matter how far they are from us physically. It also helps us get any information we need immediately. As our modern world continues to advance, the impact of this invention continues to increase day by day.

2. Wheel

Most Outstanding Inventions - Wheel

The invention with one of the most remarkable impacts in the past is the wheel. It was also deemed as an innovation that created a breakthrough for other inventions made throughout history. The wheel is so ancient that no one knew who invented this; the date of creation was also unclear to many. Nonetheless, it is estimated that the most ancient wheel discovered on our planet was created 5 thousand years ago. It was said that the first use of the wheel is for the fast and efficient transportation of goods. Even now, most advanced technological current inventions depend on one of the major inventions ever created throughout the history-commonly known as the ”wheel”.

3. Telephone

Most Outstanding Inventions - Telephone

Invented by Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone is considered a major invention ever created that was incredibly useful at your household, making communication a lot easier than before. However, not a lot of people way back then can afford it. Moreover, since the innovation of these creations is unending, they have come to revolutionize these creations making it more affordable and efficient for a lot of people in the modern world. Today, it is difficult to picture a human going anywhere within their life without a mobile phone on their grasp.

4. Compass

Most Outstanding Inventions - Compass

Despite the spark of new advanced technologies, compass still serves as a navigation system for other explorers; that was first used since 14th century. Keep in mind that explorers might never reach their intended destinations without this amazing invention that will make our history totally different. The invention made interaction possible in the former isolated places and also made a great impact on the Age of Exploration.

5. Printing Press

Most Outstanding Inventions - Printing Press

The ideas about the printing press were already prevalent ever since 11th century. However, the German inventor Johann Gutenberg made these ideas reality; he was the one who invented the movable printing press in the 1430s that created uproar around the globe. The movable printing press has an enormous impact on the world, as the material could be collected and circulated even further across the globe than ever. This even made books considerably accessible for middle-class families.

6. Automobile

Most Outstanding Inventions - Automobile

Nowadays, we barely see people walking whenever they go to their errands because almost everyone, if not all, use cars and other automobile vehicles to go whenever they want to. Thanks to Karl Benz‘s invention of Motorwagen, the first automobile was brought to life in 1885. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. However, Henry Ford fixed this problem by improving the production process which made automobiles affordable by almost everyone.

7. Computer

Most Outstanding Inventions - Computer

With the evolution of semiconductors and electronics, the computer appeared. We spend most of our time using our computers, whether for our studies, work or even entertainment purposes. Computers are complex machines that most high-paying jobs are based on knowledge about its components such as hardware and software or some computer programs. The impact of computers is surely remarkable for it offered a great help for students and professionals.

8. Electricity

Most Outstanding Inventions - Electricity

One of the most important things we can’t live without today is electricity. We use electricity in almost everything we do in our daily lives. Without it, we can’t use aircon, computers, electric lights and other things which make our lives easier and more comfortable. We can’t definitely imagine our lives without this great invention.

9. Steam Engine

Most Outstanding Inventions - Steam Engine

Unless the steam engine had not been developed, none of the modern modes of travel that you would see around you would ever be feasible. Most specifically, if not for this breakthrough, you wouldn’t have stores and vast quantities of clothes, food, and drinks anywhere. All was finished handmade before the steam engine. This sparked the Industrial Revolution and created an enormous impact on society. After this creation, huge factories began to open; and the steam engine’s continuous innovation had a great effect on the world economy.

10. Antibiotics

Most Outstanding Inventions - Antibiotics

The discovery of antibiotics caused a great impact in the world of medicine. Antibiotics are known for their capacity to fight infection of almost all kinds. On the year 1920, Alexander Fleming accidentally discovered penicillin, but after his acknowledgment of his invention, it already spread tremendously all around the world. His invention, which prevents the growth of bacteria that could have a detrimental effect on health, saved millions of lives up to this day.

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