10 Most Silent Places in the World

Most Silent Places - Tak Be Ha Cenote

While some people love the crowd and social interaction, some individuals find happiness in solitude and peace.

Listed below are the 10 most silent places in the world, from the world’s most remote corners to modern soundproof solutions. Check it out!

1. Building 87

Microsoft created the quietest room on earth. On its campus in Redmond, Washington, is where its anechoic chambers can be found. The Audio Lab team of Microsoft uses the echo-free chambers to test Cortana – the digital personal assistant and also to test their Surface tablets.

Most Silent Places - Building 87

Image Credit: news.microsoft.com

2. Orfield Laboratories

Included on the list is an acoustics and architecture test facility in Minnesota US, the Orfield Laboratories. The anechoic chamber found at the Orfield Laboratories is encased in double walls steel and foot-thick concrete. It also has two vault-style type of door. The noise level in this room can drop to -9 decibels with no sounds that can ever be heard from your surroundings. Visitors mostly can’t stay in this chamber for more than 20 minutes. The anechoic chamber is a test room to gauge the volume of any components by product manufacturers.

Most Silent Places - Orfield Laboratories

Image Credit: www.orfieldlabs.com

3. Kelso Dunes

The largest area of aeolian sand deposits located in Mojave Desert, US is known as Kelso Dune Field. Kelso Dunes has a quiet environment with no cars, planes or wildlife found because of the vistas and harsh environment it possesses.

Most Silent Places - Kelso Dunes

4. Olympic National park

Looking for a quiet national park? Try to visit the Olympic National Park in Washington. It is one of the only wilderness areas of America that’s uncrossed by highways. It also has the biggest coniferous forest over the US states.

Most Silent Places - Olympic National Park

5. Kielder Mires

One of the peaceful places in Britain is Kielder Mires, the largest area of blanket bog in England.

6. Zurich

According to the Worldwide Hearing Index, Zurich in Switzerland is known to have the lowest incidence of noise pollution, while Guangzhou in China is the highest recorded noise pollution.

Most Silent Places - Zurich

7. Landmannalaugar

In the northern end of the Laugavegur hiking trail in Iceland is the Landmannalaugar. It is a quiet open road which is very well known to travelers.

Most Silent Places - Landmannalaugar

8. Makgadikgadi Pans

Located in the middle part of the dry desert of northeast Botswana is the Makgadikgadi Pans. It is one of the largest salt pans in the world, spanning 3,900 sq km. During the dry season, very little wildlife exists, which makes this place included on the list. But during the wet season, there are abundant numbers of wildlife which become a perfect time for safari activities to people.

Most Silent Places - Makgadikgadi-Pans

9. Antarctica

The quietness of this continent is deafening as there are no human sounds that can ever be heard. You can only hear the beautiful noise from other creatures and echoes of Mother Nature when you reach Antarctica.

Most Silent Places - Antarctica

10. Tak Be Ha Cenote

This Tak Be Ha Cenote in Mexico can only be accessed with a guide. This awesome place is known for its deep blue waters and quite atmosphere. Visit this hidden gem in the Tulum jungle if you are looking for a quite cenote to do snorkeling.

Most Silent Places - Tak Be Ha Cenote

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