10 Most Bizarre Phobias

Most Bizarre Phobias - Ablutophobia

You might think that you already know weird phobias, but these lists of unusual phobias will surprise you and blow your mind.

1. Optophobia

Most Bizarre Phobias - optophobia

If there is an award for most bothersome phobia, optophobia will definitely get this award. Optophobia is the fear of opening eyes. This simple act seems as easy as breathing for most people, yet this is a nightmare for people who have optophobia. Fortunately, if you can read this, you probably aren’t an optophobic.


2. Geliophobia

Most Bizarre Phobias - geliophobia

Numerous research studies have shown that laughter is beneficial for our health by improving mental health, social bonds and heat condition thus, the saying ”Laughter is the best medicine. ”Unfortunately, there are people who have a phobia from laughing known as geliophobia. They can get anxious and distressed from being with laughing people or simply the act of laughing. Some studies suggest that the reasons for this phobia can be laughing during inappropriate circumstances or situations and being laughed at by people.


3. Chorophobia

Most Bizarre Phobias - chorophobia

If parties, ballets, weddings, or any occasion with dancing gives you overwhelming distress, you might have a chorophobia or the fear of dancing. Regardless of dancing skills or the necessity to dance, any occasion or circumstance that is linked with dancing can trigger this phobia.


4. Heliophobia

Most Bizarre Phobias - heliophobia

Sunlight is necessary for mankind and gives benefits such as protecting our bones and boosting our mood. Unfortunately, some people suffer from a rare condition known as heliophobia or the fear of sunlight. Not only the sunlight gives the heliphobics immense panic and anxiety, but they also experience distress from bright lights. Oftentimes, the fear is linked to extreme worry about getting the sun’s harmful effects. Unfortunately, keeping away from the sunlight is an impossible task unless you’re a vampire.


5. Arachibutyrophobia

Most Bizarre Phobias - arachibutyrophobia

Although this isn’t a life-threatening condition, this list of peculiar phobias wouldn’t be complete without arachibutyrophobia or the fear of having peanut butter stuck on the mouth’s roof. Peanut butter isn’t a necessity in our diet, but people who have such phobia would miss the benefits of peanut butter, such as lowering cholesterol.


6. Deipnophobia

Most Bizarre Phobias - Deipnophobia

While several people experience a common form of social phobia, deipnophobia, on the other hand, is more specific and defined as the fear of dinner conversations. Even though being a deipnophobics may be a disadvantage at some point because it may cause awkwardness and discomfort, remaining silent during dinnertime, in fact, benefits digestion.


7. Neophobia

Most Bizarre Phobias - neophobia

We all have heard the saying that change is the only constant thing in this world, and human beings are uncomfortable with change, but neophobia is another thing – it is an aberrant and severe fear of new experiences and things. Neophobia can not only affect the wellbeing and happiness of those who have this phobia; this may also be the reason for missing out life-changing experiences and opportunities life can offer. Furthermore, according to research, neophobia’s physical or mental pressure may minimize life expectancy.


8. Ablutophobia

Most Bizarre Phobias  - Ablutophobia

Fear of being washed and bathed is the most common in children; however, this rare condition exists in adults. Ablutophobia is the fear of taking a bath and washing. This may sound absurd, but some people experience terror with just a mere thought of taking a shower. Although there are some benefits of skipping showers occasionally, such as it helps in preserving good bacteria and natural oils that assist in avoiding diseases and safeguarding your skin, but doing it as a regular habit may likely negatively affect your social life and health.


9. Syngenesophobia

Most Bizarre Phobias - Syngenesophobia

Most of us experience irritation or awkwardness when we are with our relatives. Nevertheless, people with syngenesphobia have a fear of relatives. Except there are enough reasons to have these fears, it is advisable and worth it to seek help from professionals and experts to alleviate this type of phobia and help your relationship with your relatives. According to experts, this may also be beneficial for your health because having a strong bond with your family may help increase life expectancy.


10. Geniophobia

Most Bizarre Phobias - Geniophobia

Do you know someone who has an unbearable fear of chins? Then, maybe that person is suffering from geniophobia or fear of chins. Unfortunately, there are also phobias of the other parts of the human body, such as chirophobia (fear of hands) and genuphobia (fear of knees). Due to the unpleasing effects it could give, such as making social interactions difficult, it is recommended to go through therapy to overcome the phobia of an individual.

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