10 Best Places To Spot A UFO

If you find my suggestion to look for mythical creatures a bit far fetched, how about looking for some green men instead? UFOs are spotted all the time all around the world, but in some areas more than others. Here’s a list of the areas that capture the most interest from our alien visitors, or the most imagination from its residents, depends on your take on things

1. Area 51, Nevada, United States – Without a doubt the most famous place for UFO sightings and other unexplained events. Area 51 is located within the Nevada Test and Training Range. It was the location of the first nuclear tests and is known to be used for military aircraft and weapons research. Area 51 stands in the heart of many conspiracy theories suggested by UFOlogists, some of which are: Area 51 is used for the storage, examination and reverse engineering of crashed alien spacecrafts (especially the one from Roswell, New Mexico), Area 51 is a meeting point between the government and aliens, Area 51 is the development center for time travel, teleportation, weather control, and the list goes on and on. Just let your imagination go wild and you can come up with your own conspiracy

Best Places To Spot A UFO

Area 51 warning sign that just adds to the intrigue (source: X51: flickr / website)


2. Roswell, New Mexico, United States – An aircraft of some sort crashed in a ranch near Roswell in mid 1947 and began a story that will spark interest and theories for decades to come. The military claimed that it was a crashed weather balloon while many speculated that it was an alien aircraft that crashed in Roswell, and that the aircraft along with its passengers are kept in a base in Area 51. In the 90s the US military disclosed the true nature of the crashed device: it was a nuclear test monitoring device rather than a weather balloon. Many books were written about the incident, movies were filmed and the story remains today the world’s most famous UFO claim. If I had to go look for aliens, I think Roswell would be a good place to start

Best Places To Spot A UFO

The town of Roswell enjoys the UFO tourists (source: Clinton Steeds)


3. Nazca Lines, Peru – I previously wrote about the amazing Nazca Lines in my post on the most mysterious places on Earth. The Nazca Lines are a series of huge ground drawings near Lima. There are hundreds of drawings of different sizes and complexity levels, and the largest figures are over 200 m (660 ft) across! These figures are best seen from an airplane, or surrounding foothills. The purpose of the Nazca Lines is unclear, though there are many hypotheses. UFO enthusiasts claim that the Nazca people have been visited by extraterrestrials and that these drawings have been made with their help, and for them. Whether you believe that or not, this hypotheses sparks the imagination of visitors and UFO sightings over the area are common

Best Places To Spot A UFO

Most Mysterious Places On Earth: Nazca Lines, Peru

4. San Clemente, Chile – In recent years Chile has become a hot spot for aliens, and numerous sightings along with photos and videos have been captured. The government does not offer an explanation to these sightings. The city of San Clemente took things a bit further and after many sightings in the area, and probably as part of an effort to increase tourism, opened a 19 mile (30 km) road called the UFO trail. The trail is said to be a favorite landing spot for aliens. The plan seems to work as the town became a famous destination to UFO hunters

Best Places To Spot A UFO

San Clemente, Chile. A great place to visit if you come from another world (source: Lin Linao)


5. The M Triangle, Russia – The M triangle, also known as the Russian Area 51, is a remote area near the Ural Mountains, some 600 miles east of Moscow. The area is famous for UFO sightings, and actual aliens have been reported to be seen in the forests of the area. The strange shapes and lights in the skies have been reported for over a century now, and the locals in the area say that the lights in the sky come in many shapes and numbers

Best Places To Spot A UFO

The Ural Mountains. A vast area with out of this world visitors


6. Warminster, England – This small town of Warminster with its population of about 17,000 people became a famous UFO spot in the 1960s and early 70s. The story began not with UFO sightings, but with unidentified sounds. Later sightings have been made as well and the town became world famous as a UFO hot spot. The nearby hills (Cradle Hill, Starr Gill and Cley Hill) became a center for skywatching activities. The proximity of the town to Stonehenge also help spark imagination among UFO lovers

Best Places To Spot A UFO

Cley Hill, Warminster. A favorite location among skywatchers (source: Phil Williams)


7. Sochi, Russia – The Russian city of Sochi is located on the coast of the Black Sea. Among UFOlogists, Sochi is known as somewhat of a UFO hot spot, with many claims of UFO sightings by local residents. But the local claims are more than just of luminous objects and flying saucers in the sky, some claim that the nearby Bytkha Mountain has a UFO base that serves as an airport for aliens between worlds

Best Places To Spot A UFO

Bytkha Mountain, Sochi. Claimed to be hosting an alien airport


8. Broad Haven, Wales, United Kingdom – The small village of Broad Haven became famous among those who seek alien visitors In the 1970s, when a series of UFO sightings draw nationwide attention and set the term Broad Haven Triangle. It is reported that school children saw a UFO in a field while walking to school, and that many people seen 7-foot aliens in silver spacesuit during the night. Electronics malfunction and missing cattle have also been linked to ETs

Best Places To Spot A UFO

Broad Haven, Wales. Where aliens go when they want to relax by the beach (source: Alexander king)

9. Texas, United States – Many UFO sightings come from the state of Texas. These sightings include lights in the sky, orbs, bright lights that move in incredible speed and more. One incident in particular in 2008 in Stephenville was witnessed by dozens of different people from different areas. There’s even a special site dedicated for UFO sightings in Texas

Best Places To Spot A UFO

A welcome sign to Texas. A favorite destination among small green men


10. Los Angeles and the Pacific Coast Highway, California, United States – The Pacific Coast Highway between San Diego and San Francisco, and especially Los Angeles itself is a favorite destination among our alien visitors. Eyewitnesses frequently report on strange lights in the area, and this has been going on since the Second World War. Some of these incidents have been witnessed by hundreds of people at different locations

Best Places To Spot A UFO

Route 1 between Los Angeles and San Francisco. One of the most beautiful roads in the world, and a UFOs hot spot


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