10 Most Attractive Wedding Destinations In The U.S.

When it comes to your wedding, you want to make sure it’s extremely special. It has to be the moment that everyone remembers, in some cases, you even make them travel. So, we decided to list the 10 Most Attractive Wedding Destinations In The U.S.

Sometimes it can be a little daunting trying to find the perfect place to plan your getaway wedding. Wedding destinations aren’t easy to come by. The states below have plenty of pluses when it comes to finding the perfect destination.

There is no denying the fact that traveling won’t be easy for everyone who is invited. Hopefully the range of states on the list gives you a good opportunity to find affordable flights. Check out our list of 10 Most Attractive Wedding Destinations In The U.S. and plan your special day.

10 Most Attractive Wedding Destinations In The U.S.

10. Maine

The Northeast isn’t exactly the first place you would normally think of when it comes to a wedding destination. However, Maine is so incredibly beautiful that a nice summer wedding in the Northeast doesn’t sound too bad. Mountains, woods and rustic wedding venues are all over this state.

Wedding Destinations

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9. New Orleans, Louisiana

If you want to get lost in the Creole community and give your wedding guests an event to remember for the rest of their lives, venture to New Orleans. We guarantee finding the perfect caterers for your wedding won’t be hard here.

Wedding Destinations

8. Georgia

Beautiful Southern weddings are some of the most magical ones to have. Georgia offers a plethora of venues that will have you running down there to have your wedding ceremony.

Wedding Destinations

7. Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica, California is a magical place for many reasons. The Pier is an excellent place to capture your special moment for beach lovers.

Wedding Destinations

6. Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island is one of the most opulent places to visit in the Northeast. For the right price, you may even manage to convince one of the big mansion owners to let you hold your special event there.

Wedding Destinations

5. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a beautiful city filled with amazing architecture and of course that famous Golden Gate Bridge. It’s easy to find a great venue for a wedding in San Francisco.

Wedding Destinations

4. Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida is a hot tourist destination, however, it also happens to be pretty popular for weddings as well. The bright sunny weather and amazing beaches have plenty of places to have the best wedding.

Wedding Destinations

3. North Carolina

Another perfect destination wedding state is North Carolina. It offers both coastal and inland venues that are so natural and beautiful.

Wedding Destinations

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

We all know why Las Vegas is a go to to get married. It’s perfect for the couple who wants to get married in a jiffy.

Wedding Destinations

1. Hawaii

Hawaii’s beautiful islands are encouraging and welcoming. That’s the type of feeling you want to emit on such a beautiful day. So, it was an obvious no-brainer for our list.

Wedding Destinations

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