10 Most Bizarre Phobias You’ll Encounter

Most Bizarre Phobias

Have you encountered the weirdest phobias in the world? Probably not! Check out the 10 most bizarre phobias below:

1. Fear of opening the eyes: OPTOPHOBIA

If there were honorable mention for the most disturbing phobia, it would be the fear of opening one’s eyes, also known as Optophobia. Even though this process is natural to humans and it is rarely thought about, for optophobics, this natural, simple process is undeniably a nightmare to them!

Most Bizarre Phobias - Optophobia


2. Fear of Laughter: GELIOPHOBIA

According to studies, laughter is good for one’s health. It improves mental health, develop social bonds, and it takes care of the heart. On the other hand, those who have this have a fear of laughter. Or just merely surrounded by those who are laughing can be a source of overwhelming anxiety and fear.

Most Bizarre Phobias - Geliophobia


3. Fear of dancing: CHOROPHOBIA

If you are experiencing trepidation seeing children in their tutus or being at weddings and nightclubs, you might have chorophobia, which is being afraid to dance. Despite the ability, and either you must participate in a dance, any circumstances events that are associated with dancing can cause chorophobia.

Most Bizarre Phobias - Chorophobia


4. Fear of relatives: SYNGENESOPHOBIA

Lots of us have experienced irritation or embarrassment at times by our families. However, some suffer from extreme fear from their relatives, known as syngenesphobia. But if there’s a specific, understandable reason about this fear, seeking help is worthy to ease this condition, which helps you to bond with your relatives. Research shows that establishing a strong bond with families helps increase life span.

Most Bizarre Phobias - Syngenesophobia


5. Fear of peanut butter sticking to the palate: ARACHIBUTYROPHOBIA

It seems that it’s not debilitating or a life-changing condition, but this listing of weird phobias without including arachibutyrophobia would not be complete. Although peanut butter is not essential for a satisfactory and healthy life, they’re missing the so-called beneficial aspect of consuming peanut butter, which includes lowering cholesterol and prevents heart disease.



6. Fear of Sunlight: HELIPHOBIA

Heliophobia is a rare and unfortunate condition, which is a fear of sunlight. Exposing oneself in the sun not only causes panic and extreme anxiety in heliphobics, but they also struggle from the fear of bright lights. Usually, their phobia is associated with anxiety in regards to the dangers coming from the sun. Anyhow, avoiding the sun is an unnecessary task and impossible unless you’re a vampire. It is also detrimental to your health because sunlight aids in regulating moods, and it protects bone health.

Most Bizarre Phobias - HELIPHOBIA


7. Fear of dinner conversation: DEIPNOPHOBIA

A lot of people go through social anxiety of general forms, but this one has a particular twist restricted to fear of conversing while eating. Despite causing awkwardness and discomfort for the party guests, the deipnophics who remain quiet while eating is something that can benefit their digestion.

Most Bizarre Phobias - HELIPHOBIA


8. Fear of new things: NEOPHOBIA

Although there are plenty of people who are cautious of changes, there are some who suffer from neophobia, which is an irrational and intense fear of new experiences and things. This can affect their well-being and happiness because they miss out on plenty of life-enhancing events. If compared to dieting, it means eliminating different kinds of nutrients and healthy foods. According to research, the stress that neophobia is suffering can shorten their life expectancy.

Most Bizarre Phobias - NEOPHOBIA


9. Fear of chins: GENIOPHOBIA

Geniophobia is an astounding condition, which is a fear of the chin. The part found on the lower part of the face. Moreover, there are other phobias concerning different body parts, which include: ishicascadiggaphobia (fear of elbows), chirophobia (fear of hands), genuphobia (fear of knees). Therapy is very much recommended to treat this condition because this phobia makes a normal social interaction extremely difficult.

Most Bizarre Phobias - NEOPHOBIA


10. Fear of washing and bathing: ABLUTOPHOBIA

Although plenty of children are defiant when it comes to being washed, it is less typical in adults. But few are terrified of taking a shower. There is something good about abluthophobics: skipping occasional shower helps maintain natural oils as well as the good bacteria which helps protect the skin and prevent diseases. However, doing it regularly is unlikely beneficial for your social life or your health.

Most Bizarre Phobias - ABLUTOPHOBIA

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